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There are a few other Clan Wars tweaks I think the clanning community might like to see;

Venom to be toggled - would allow use of improved stats of both weapons, without the cost of 15k-20k per round.

Overloads from NMZ usable/togglable here

The infected mode Mod Reach mentioned a while ago (this would work with 2 fc's and a player being transfered from 1 to the other, different rules applying to each team - unlimited run, unable to be frozen, damage buffs, unlimited lives for the 'infected team' etc.)

This poll looks very promising! I'm particularly happy about the spacebar through chat getting another go.

Edit: Understand this is a near miss poll, thought I should throw it up here just with the Clan War tweaks.

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Here are a couple other things noone has mentioned so far which could come on another near miss poll perhaps?

Nightmare Zone's reward shop could sell an ingredient that upgrades an anti-fire potion to a super anti-fire potion, requiring level 89 Herblore. The super anti-fire potion would block all dragonfire damage, and would also reduce the effects of the KBD's other attacks. Level 93 would be needed to add caviar. The potion and ingredient would be tradeable. (74%)
Could have it as a slayer reward instead in that poll.

Nightmare Zone's reward shop could sell Mort Myre fungus to players who have completed the Nature Spirit quest. (73%) Maybe for MoGs OR Brimhaven agility tickets.

Should we allow players to obtain free elemental, mind, chaos and death runes within Castle Wars to cast magic at a reduced XP rate? (73%)
Maybe mention how much exp would be reduced by? Including bloods could +/- this one also.

Should Ahrim's staff be able to auto-cast Saradomin Strike? (74%)
Let the master wand auto-cast all god spells please :)

Should we add fighter legs with the same stats as the fighter skirt but with a +1 strength modifier to the Barbarian Assault reward shop? (72%)
Maybe just have this apply to the penance skirt.

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Mod Ronan said:
Slay Helm said:
Where's the Onyx Ring (i)? :O

We weren't entirely sure on the specifics of how the onyx ring (i) would work as we were considering giving it a little something extra based on yesterday's livestream (hiding your minimap dot). We'd rather hold off on offering it and come up with a more fleshed out idea of what it could do (IF we end up polling it).

Thought I'd mention Onyx (i) should have nothing to do with the ring of stone - as they are essentially different items the same way a recoil ring and a sapphire ring are.

06-Feb-2015 22:21:25

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