Grand Exchange Tweaks

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Grand Exchange Tweaks

We've made a few tweaks and additions to the Grand Exchange based on feedback after release.

    • We've resolved the issue of an offer not disappearing after completing.
    • Pie shells are now tradeable through the Grand Exchange.
    • You will now be returned to the index panel, the screen where you can see all 6 of your offer slots, after setting up a new offer.
    • Offers now have a right-click 'Abort' option.
    • There is now only one 'offer' option when selecting an item to sell. This option will automatically select all of a stackable item.
    • A collect-all button has been added to the collection interface on bank booths.
    • When on the search-item-by-name screen, pressing Enter now chooses the first item in the list.
    • Random events no longer appear at the GE.
    • Many items' buy limits have been increased, as promised. They will be increased further in future updates as the system stabilises.

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