March - The Month Ahead

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March - The Month Ahead

February was a huge month for Old School. With both permanent F2P and the Grand Exchange released, it was one of our biggest months to date.

March is going to be no different. Achievement Diaries, Membership Bonds and more... Let's get into the details of what the next month holds!


Achievement Diaries

Achievement Diaries have been in the works for quite some time now and we are finally approaching release. Development of the Achievement Diaries has come along leaps and bounds since February and we are aiming to have them out this Thursday. With 10 brand new diaries, this update is going to be a big one.

The Achievement Diaries update is sure to be one that gives you all something to aim for and a massive amount of content with which you can fill your time. With each diary you complete you will receive a reward offering you benefits in the area of the diary. You can read a full list of some of the benefits rewards offer in the previous Achievement Diary rewards dev blog.

Completing all diaries is a truly elite accomplishment and will allow you to get your hands on the Achievement Diary Cape. Completing all diaries will also trim your Quest Cape!

Let's not forget that along the way you'll also earn yourself various pieces of equipment. Shown below is the elite set of armour earned by completing all diaries.


Membership Bonds

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Near miss poll content

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Easter 2015

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And just when I was wondering if there will be a BTS, this post comes up.
Time to read. :D

Edit : This month looks promising considering the Easter event and Achievement Diaries.

It was fun to replay old events but they won't last untill you have played them all, so a new one is welcome. :)
The Achievement diaries are interesting, will it take an OS noob like me to places? :D
-=RuneScape and RuneFest veteran=-
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