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Mod Ash

Mod Ash

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Vichios said:
OT: No increase in pc points yet?

I'm afraid we've not yet had a chance to work on most of the stuff from that poll. It'll come.

ThatsNot Me said:
Really no bonds? -_- How early next week?

As early as we can. It turned out that we needed a lot of additional billing system updates to support bonds, beyond the actual bond system itself, so Ian's had considerably more work to do than anticipated. He's been working some seriously nasty hours and weekends to deliver them ASAP.

26-Mar-2015 10:08:48

Mod Ash

Mod Ash

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Tully95 said:
Cheers, @Mod Ash any idea when MLM update will be released? :D

I look forward to doing that. It'll be after Easter, but I intend it not to be too long after Easter.

Anarchos said:
Thanks guys, small but convenient fixes this week.

Any word on when the next poll will go public?

I think we should deliver more stuff from the last poll first.

General MaB said:
Why would you enable bonds in OSRS? Are you that money hungry that you have to devalue the game and crash the money system. I started playing OS because all the fun went out of the game, because you could just buy everything, instead of playing/grinding for it. It drained the fun out of the game. Shame on you.

It was for the launch of F2P. As you may have seen in Mod Mat K's video, Jagex has found over many years of running RuneScape that when members have the option to play for free, many of them do. While F2P also brings in new members, the balance isn't great. However, in a game with bonds, F2P brings in more members because they can subscribe far more easily. So Jagex offered that OSRS could have permanent F2P, but only if players accepted membership bonds to help the non-members subscribe. We put it to a poll and 86% of voters were in favour.

I'm sorry you don't approve of the poll outcome.

26-Mar-2015 10:20:18

Mod Ash

Mod Ash

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B0w F0r IVIe said:
This is a joke, you guys are so slow with everything! Promise everything get nothing done.

Looking at the list of updates from the last 2 years, I think your claim that we get nothing done is incorrect. But I'm sorry if we're unable to deliver everything as fast as you want.

26-Mar-2015 10:35:47

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