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Mod Ash

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Jimbei said:
Loved the easter event, good job! :) The text that the Easter Bunny bought the ghost buster for a million gold gave me a good laugh. Also good job on the music part, loved it.

Thank you!

Thicc Brows said:
Do you guys have any plans for implementing any other services for bonds?

We said that membership bonds were required for Jagex to be able to offer permanent F2P, and that's what we polled. If you'd like more features from them in future polls, do let us know what you have in mind. (For the record, I don't believe this community would ever vote to accept anything like Treasure Hunter keys - for which I am grateful - so let's not go there.)

Deadly Ninja said:
Will a pre-paid runescape card work with this update?

The pre-paid cards currently give bonds to your RS3 account, not OSRS.

You can then go into RS3 to redeem them for membership, and the membership would be valid for OSRS as well as RS3, but you might find it inconvenient to do that if you're not familiar with RS3.

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Mod Ash

Mod Ash

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Stolen Skill said:
Is there a chocolate pet or any other reward than easter egg/chocolate dust. I have gotten the message "You have no received all the rewards you can gain from killing these critters." making me think there may not even be a pet.

In the storeroom, you can get 5 Easter eggs and 5 chocolate dust.
If the pet had passed the poll, we'd have put that in there too, but it didn't.

30-Mar-2015 13:12:25

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30-Mar-2015 13:19:11

Mod Mat K

Mod Mat K

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Nbody Knows said:
i bought a bond today with a pre-paid card, i got the 7 days you get with the bonds but haven't gotten the bond yet.


Currently you only receive RS3 bonds with this option. This is something we are working on. If you get in touch with player support using the link below they will be able to help you get the right bond.

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