Motherlode Expansion & More

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Motherlode Expansion & More

After the success of the Motherlode Mine, Prospector Percy has decided to add an additional level to the mine to keep up with the many players taking advantage of what it has to offer. This and much more is new in Old School this week.


Motherlode Mine Expansion

Prospector Percy has had a good few months and has decided to drastically expand his mine. He has expanded the Motherlode Mine with a brand new upstairs area containing an additional 64 ore veins.

The area can be accessed by players with over 72 mining that have payed Percy a one-time fee of 100 nuggets. After paying the fee, the new area can be accessed using the ladder near the centre of the mine.


Buying Ava's Devices

The day has finally come. Ava will now allow you to buy devices in a much faster, easier way. If you right click Ava and select 'Devices', you can now choose to buy-X devices at once.


Edgeville Bank Doors

With the recent addition of the Edgeville furnace alongside Achievement Diaries, Edgeville bank has opened a new set of doors to allow for easy access.


Changes to pets

The 'talk to' option is now the left-click option for boss pets rather than 'pick up'. Accompanying this change, we've now added dialogue to the chaos elemental pet, dark core pet and chompy bird pet.

In other news...

    • Offcuts are now prioritised over other kinds of bait when Barbarian fishing.
    • The Easter bunny thanks everyone who helped him out this year as he closes for the season.
    • Thorodin now refers to the Fremennik diary rather than the Wilderness when claiming your elite reward.
    • The hunter master's chathead now animates correctly.
    • Soft clay packs are no longer tradeable.
    • Fixed typos in Otto's chat, Bert's notification toggle and in the Morytania achievement diary.
    • You'll now see all level up messages when receiving more than one in a short amount of time.
    • The Kandarin medium task 'Kill a fire giant in Baxtorian waterfall' now only completes within the waterfall.
    • Gravingas & the Ghosts from the Curse of Zaros miniquest now recognize the Morytania legs built-in ghostspeak function.
    • Approaching the troll stronghold roof shortcut from the south no longer forces you to climb back down.
    • Varrock armour 4 now correctly functions as a prospector top.
    • The correct animation now plays when planting a spirit sapling.
    • You can once again climb the ladder to the underground Shilo gem mine without having completed the Karamja elite tasks.
    • Dragon claws are now known as Diango's claws and can be purchased in Diango's store.
    • Little Mo has continued on his travels.

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Looking forward to the new section in motherlode mine, every world (including pvp) was pretty much populated. Better panic-sell those soft clay packs guys.

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09-Apr-2015 09:55:33

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ForagingCape said:
Seems like half of this months behind the scenes were just knocked out for this first week's update! Any surprises coming this month?

It's rather hard to surprise you with updates when we poll everything :P

I've got the two new Clan Wars modes, the PC points cap change and some other stuff ready for testing, hopefully for next week's update (assuming I can fix what bugs John finds).

09-Apr-2015 09:57:16



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instead of spending time on adding useless doors that saves you 2 seconds of walking, you could have been spending time on banning botters like kyletr35. he's been botting for 5 days now and even after reporting him from multiple accounts. somehow he's not perm banned.

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