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Neesy Rizzo
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Neesy Rizzo

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Hopefully the poll question regarding only using your own runes in NMZ to get xp will pass. The way it is now is freaking killing Runecrafting. Everybody uses NMZ to mage train thus making natures and laws have low demand. Natures selling for ~230ea, Laws selling for ~220ea. If it doesn't get changed, Runecrafting will turn into a low-tier method of money making.

I doubt NMZ was intended for super easy and quick loads of exp. But that's pretty much what it is at the moment. Too many people are taking advantage of it.

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08-Feb-2014 05:34:11

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along with eoc came the nail in the coffin for clans. Clans moved to 07. Clans keep 07 alive. Clanies do not play rs for skilling or being on hiscores. Clans are made up of players going way back from even before 07 and they have put in their grind and now only want to play RS for fighting in the wild within their chosen clan. Keep NMZ so clans can thrive and grow and keep 07 alive. It's not just good for the Clans but also for Jagex.

08-Feb-2014 10:44:41

WP Dale
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WP Dale

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LOL harsh and unfair on pures..
pures get like 60k xp p/h at nightmare zone melee'ing on a good day..
these updates will just make nmz dead content.
gf nmz, guess it's back to crabs or experiments to train.
kind of lame considering people who play 07 now mainly have jobs or uni.
nmz was a great update. emphasis on was.

08-Feb-2014 16:04:31

Team Skull
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Team Skull

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this NMZ is bringing EOC into oldschool runescape lol.... just nerf it before it gets worst.

btw i never tried it and therefore I still have a lower mage level but i read about it and it sounds all but oldschool runescape spirit. Its just totally overpower and has that glitch that allows people to pick up free runes to train mage (wich is suppose to be expensive and made through runecrafting) LOL.

I don't understand why we keep making the same mistakes over and over again... :/
Just nerf it quickly :S

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