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Maxing acc

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Hey Guys I was wondering if its possible to do a map the size of the lord of the Rings and to give us each character for a bit of fun for an event? i know this sounds like a silly goose but I feel also adding ' The one ring' as a reward for getting 200m in all skills!

Thanks you!

Proud player of oldschool rs

Currently Rank 90k road to max here i come!

01-May-2015 08:31:52

Maxing acc

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Are we an item? Girl, quit playing
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And I just can't believe my first love won't be around

01-May-2015 08:32:51

Maxing acc

Maxing acc

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A coloured notification now appears in the chatbox when you get teleblocked.
• It is now possible to toggle the wyvern cave warning.
• The Barbarians at the Barbarian Outpost have switched out their dusty, old bank deposit box for a bank chest.
• Demi-bosses now appear on the boss log.
* Fixed a typo in some Tourist Trap dialogue.
• Added missing full stops on some POH Servant dialogue.
• Improved the colours on the Scorpia pet.
• Added some area checks for a couple of diary tasks.
• You can no longer purchase battlestaves from Zaff's barrel on F2P worlds.
• Attempting to recharge your prayer with a Falador shield when you're already full prayer points no longer consumes one of your daily charges.
• Karamja diary now checks for the elite tasks being completed before stating you have completed all of the tasks.
• You are no longer directed towards 'someone somewhere' after completing the Karamja Elite tasks.
• Runite Golems no longer remain poisoned when transforming into a runite rock on death.
• The additional chance of finding marks of grace on the Seers' village agility course is now working correctly.
• You must now kill each of the demi-bosses, wilderness bosses aand Dagannoth kings to complete each of the respective tasks.
• It is no longer possible to skip a step of the 'Make a rune crossbow yourself from scratch' achievement diary task.
• Attempting to open the gates to Menaphos no longer takes you to the gates of Sophanem.
• Equipping certain task related items no longer forces the equipment screen to close.
* Explorer's ring 2 & 3 now restore 50% of your run energy per charge, regardless of your agility level.
• Pets now follow you up and down the Motherlode Mine's ladder.
• Varrock armour mining benefits now apply when mining tin, limestone, sandstone and runite golem corpses.
• Zulrah's crystal key drop has been replaced with a chance to hit the universal rare drop table.

01-May-2015 08:35:55

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