May - The Month Ahead

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May - The Month Ahead

May is here and we've got some interesting stuff planned. Big Mo will be making his way around the map, shared slayer is coming to Old School, a developer blog for the summer slayer expansion will be released and more. Let's take a look at the month ahead!

Big Mo's May

Big Mo is a businessman and salesman from overseas who has decided to take a trip around the map between May 1st and May 31st in an effort to get his hands on some interesting and valuable wares.

He is in need of your help. After an unfortunate series of events involving faulty dragon claws, Big Mo's brother is no longer able to help him with the day-to-day running of his business. This leaves Big Mo with some tasks and items that he is unable to follow up on. In particular, clue scrolls.

Once per day throughout May he will be willing sell you a clue scroll for a very reasonable price. There is no guarantee of what tier clue scroll he may sell you, but the more you visit him throughout the month the more likely it will be that he has the tier that you are looking for.

Of course, as Big Mo is a travelling salesman, you will have to track him down as he moves each day. He will move location at midnight GMT every day and you will be able to get your daily clue scroll if you manage to find him. We'll be dropping some hints on his location over on the OldSchoolRS Twitter a few hours after he moves each day.

Shared Slayer

In April the Old School community voted yes for shared slayer on content poll #32. Early on in May we will be introducing the shared slayer system into Old School.

How it works

When you and a friend do not have a slayer assignment, you will be able to partner up by one of you using a slayer gem on the other. Once the partnership is accepted, you will then both be assigned the same slayer task when talking to slayer masters.

While you will be assigned the same slayer task, your tasks will be independent of each other. If a player has a task blocked and their partner receives it as a task, they will simply not be assigned a slayer task.

Shared slayer will give you and a friend the opportunity to have some company while you take on the grind. Being one of the most loved skills in Old School, Old School players will finally have an opportunity to share the fun.

Developer blogs:
Content poll #33 & the summer slayer expansion

With content poll #33 opening at some point in May and a hefty slayer update planned for later on in the summer, we've got plans for a few developer blogs throughout the month.

We'll be kicking the month off with a developer blog for content poll #33 next week. If you've got small content suggestions that you'd like to see end up on a poll in the future, we've got a new thread in the Old School Feedback & Poll Suggestions forum specifically for smaller content suggestions.

Slightly later on in May we will be releasing a developer blog for the slayer update planned for late summer. We've got a hefty list of content to go in with this update, here is a quick overview of what will be included in the developer blog:

• Boss slayer
• Tzhaar task
• Jad pet (not restricted to slayer but planned to be bundled with the update)
• Abyssal demon boss
• Hellhound boss
• Drop table reworks
• Bigger task unlocks (similar to the existing unlocks such as metal dragons)
• Stronghold slayer cave expansion
• ... And more!

We will, of course, go into detail on everything we have planned in the developer blog coming later this month and, as always, respond to the communities feedback.

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Why is the wilderness not being paid attention to?

It is obviously the only factor and component of OSRS that is keeping it as popular as it is today. Yet with all the flaws the wilderness has, and the many suggestion thread that appeared on the forums, no moderator took the time to reply to any of them.

All of these updates are not within the OSRS time frame, they are not attracting potential or past customers and are not what the majority is asking for. While I appreciate all the work going into these updates, Jagex must realize that OSRS is popular because:

OSRS can be like many games out there, but no games out there can be like OSRS

Alas, we are just moving towards a down graded version of RS3 with all these updates. Please fix the core components before introducing new updates like these!

The wilderness needs LOTS of attention and if you guys took 10 minutes to just read how much fixing the wilderness needs and take 10 minutes to realize how vital the wilderness is to OSRS players you would devote much of your time to it.

Any who, I hope you guys realize this before it is too late. I personally have 2 threads about the wilderness which have great popularity but no Jagex Mod has taken the time to reply.

I do not understand why all the updates the past months have been dedicated to slayer and diaries. This is why I quit the minute diaries came to OSRS, it is because Jagex seems to be so committed to diaries and allocates so much time into them when they are not such a huge factor of the game, for gods sake they were not even part of 2007!

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Please be sure not to make the drop table reworks too overpowered, wyverns and zulrah had the problem of being 'too good'

Some drops, should just be useless, not 'every drop' has to be good, you should just get only a few drops during a long tasks, that add up.

01-May-2015 16:56:58

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Mo got the moves like Jagger!

JAD PET @@@@@@@@@

Maxed twice on OSRS #6 & #104

OSRS Completionist

Proud member of the Oldschool Runescape Community

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