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Resizable Mode

The day has finally arrived. Resizable mode is here.

You can enable resizable mode in game by navigating to your options tab and selecting the resizable mode button.

Enabling resizable mode will immediately expand the game to fit the size of your client window, letting you see the Old School world like never before.

Interface optionsThere are three different interface options when using resizable mode: background transparency, stone button style and chat box transparency.

It is also possible to hide your chat box and inventory by clicking on the currently selected tab.

Frame rate

As you'd likely expect, making your Old School window larger with resizable mode enabled will cause the game to use up more processing power. If you see a drop in frame rate your best bet is simply to make your client a little smaller.

It is worth noting that Old School does not use your graphics card. A powerful graphics card does not impact your FPS at all.

Future additions to resizable

There have been a number of requests for changes and additions to resizable since we have started showing it off. To name just a few, having the interface scale with your client, adding fog and anti-aliasing.

Our goal with the release of resizable mode was to get the basic functionality of making your game window bigger into Old School. This release can act as the foundation for future additions to resizable mode but for now we are sticking with the basics.

We will be keeping an eye out for any and all feedback so we can make changes and create additional features somewhere down the line. Do not hesitate to let us know what you think!

Oblivinite resizable t-shirt

We recently got in touch with Oblivinite, a name many of you will be familiar with. Oblivinite is a very talented fella who has been making some very popular Old School comics for several months now.

We asked him if he would like to design a t-shirt to go in the merch store to celebrate the release of resizable mode and he excitedly agreed! This is what Oblivinite managed to create:

This t-shirt is now available from the RuneScape merch store! Whether you're excited about resizable mode, a fan of Oblivinite or just want an awesome RuneScape t-shirt, be sure to check out the Oblivinite resizable mode t-shirt.

Thank you to Oblivinite for going out of his way to create such a fantastic design in such a short period of time. If you'd like to see more from him, you can find it at

In other news...

  • The Hunter Master no longer allows cannons to be setup within his private hunting grounds.
  • Fixed a typo in Fremennik Hard Diary.

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    The Old School Team


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    Resizeable at last!

    When will we see the next revision of the Slayer development blog? There have been 20+ pages of feedback posted but no Jmod responses yet.

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    This must be the biggest update we've yet had, thank you Old School team for this.
    Oh btw, when's the next poll starting?


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