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Mod Ash

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Ian and I are deploying a small game update to - hopefully - help with some of the issues players have reported since Resizable Mode came out.

In particular, I'm working on the bug where text input boxes keep getting mixed up (e.g. Search Bank comes up as Message Friend, or Withdraw-X comes up as Join Channel). Ian's working on the severe loss of framerate whenever you equip lots of items in your inventory.

There'll likely be more work to be done after this update, both for these bugs and for many other points that players have raised.

And beyond that we're very much aware that you'd like us to install new features such as a zoom control and enlarged interface panels. Thanks for your patience.

Mod Ash and Ian

I reckon Ian's change has sorted the equipping problem. The bug with text input boxes probably still exists, but will hopefully be less common now. We'll likely release another patch tomorrow to try and stamp it out.

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