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We're rebooting the game to release a few tweaks to Resizable Mode:

  • The F-keys can now be used to close side-panels if you're in the mode where the stone buttons are arranged along the bottom of the screen, like it was in previous versions of RuneScape.

  • If you have set the chatbox to be transparent, you can now click through it to walk or interact with scenery. This doesn't prevent you from using the 'Message' or 'Add Friend' options on your chat history.

  • You can no longer click through the side-panel border in the mode where the stone buttons are arranged along the bottom of the screen. Previously it didn't intercept clicks correctly.

  • Under the hood, we've made some more changes to address the bug where text-input boxes sometimes opened incorrectly, e.g. you try to Withdraw-X in your bank but the game gives you Add Friend instead. In the event that you encounter that sort of bug, you should find that logging out and in again will temporarily resolve it for you while we continue working on a permanent solution.

  • The 'Clear' options on certain tree patches weren't working correctly.

  • The Castle Wars head-up displays weren't opening correctly.

  • We've got a lot of other feedback changes we'd like to make for you, including the popular requests for a zoom control or scaled-up versions of the chatbox, interfaces and minimap. Ian's been working hard in his personal time towards these; however, they are larger jobs, and will take longer to implement.

    Apart from that, we had hoped to enlarge the click-zone of the minimap in fixed size mode, so you could click on the surrounding area to walk. However that's also going to involve some engine work from the ever-in-demand Ian, so it has not been possible to launch that yet.

    We're aware that players are encountering various other bugs, such as one that appears to be Mac-specific involving interfaces being click-through when they shouldn't be, and various situations where the screen's going black, among other problems. If you've got specific info that'll help us track down the source of a bug, please pop over to the Report bugs here thread to get the details to Mods John C and Day.

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    1st - I really am too mature for doing that but I couldn't resist ! and now I shall read what the update is.

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    Surprise update :o

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