Dev Blog: Content Poll #34

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Dev Blog: Content Poll #34

Content poll #34 will be opening on June 18th and it is going to be a big one. Experience drops, the summer slayer expansion, duel arena tweaks, customisable F-keys and lots, lots more. Let's take a look at what will be offered.

  • Removed question asking if kill credit for the Kalphite Queen should consider both forms rather than just the second. We will be making this change without a poll.
  • Removed the question asking if Sherlock should be added to the Lunar spell NPC contact as we do not want to devalue the Kandarin elite diary reward.
  • Increased the buff offered for Karil's coif to +7 ranged attack rather than +5.
  • The item intended to store coins past 2147m has been changed. It will now be tradeable and each item will be worth 1,000gp. They will be stackable but we will not be treating the item like a currency - you will still only be able to use coins to purchase items from stores or the Grand Exchange.
  • Change log

    Experience tracker & drops

    Back in 2010 we released the in-game experience tracker. This added a small icon next to the minimap that could be opened up to show the amount of experience you've gained since you last reset the counter. When open, the counter would also cause "experience drops" to appear, showing any experience you gain "dropping" from the counter as you gain it.

    Additional features, such as being able to track experience gained in specific skills, were added to the experience tracker in the future. Such features may be possible somewhere down the line for Old School if the experience tracker passes.

    For now we are offering the experience tracker in the most basic form. A small, toggleable, icon next to the minimap that can be clicked to open a small box displaying the experience you've gained since you last reset the timer. The timer can be reset by right-clicking the icon and selecting the right-click option.

    Question: Should the experience tracker and experience drops be added to Old School RuneScape? This would add a small icon by the minimap that can be clicked to show experience gained since the tracker was last reset. Every time you gain experience with the tracker open, a number will fall out of the bottom of the tracker showing you how much experience was gained. This will be toggleable.

    Display name changes with Old School bonds

    Since the release of Old School bonds the community have regularly requested that we make it possible to use them to unlock display name changes. We would like to offer this in content poll #34.

    If this were to pass, when redeeming bonds there would be an additional option to bypass any cooldown period for display name changes. Selecting this option would allow you to change your display name immediately, regardless of how long it has been since the last change.

    Question: Should we allow Old School bonds to be redeemed for a display name change?

    Duel arena changes

    Mod Maz has been hard at work rewriting the duel arena to be a safer and more enjoyable place to be. We've got a couple of features that we would like to include that we feel should go through a poll before being added.

    Warnings about lowered stats

    Question: Should we add two icons to the challenge window at the duel arena that will warn you when your hit points or prayer points are not full?

    Automatically restoring hit points and prayer points at the start of a duel

    Alternatively, we could have your stats be fully restored at the start of a duel. This would prevent the, fairly commonly occurring, situation where you enter a stake with very low health by accident.

    Question: Should stats be fully restored at the start of a duel? This would prevent players entering duels with lowered stats.

    Customisable F-keys

    We would like to offer the ability to customise which F-key opens each side-panel. It is a common request for us to change the order of the F-keys to various different arrangements and the ability to customise your own layout would allow us to offer every Old School player the ideal order for them.

    This feature would also allow us to open up the 'Esc' key for uses other than switching to your inventory tab. If this feature were introduced, the 'Esc' key could instead be used to close the interface that you currently have open.

    Question: Should we add a feature that allows you to choose which F-key opens each side-panel? This would include the ability to have the 'Esc' key close the interface you currently have open.

    Summer slayer expansion

    We've been talking about the summer slayer expansion for several weeks and the content has gone several forms based on feedback from the community. This update is a very big one so make sure that you've read the slayer expansion developer blog v2.

    The following questions will be asked for the slayer update. Make sure you read the developer blog to get a good understanding of what you will be voting for.

    Question: Should players be able to unlock the chance of getting boss monsters as slayer assignments through the Slayer reward points shop?

    Question: Should we introduce Cerberus, the Hellhound slayer boss, as described in the developer blog?

    Question: Should we introduce the Abyssal Sire, the abyssal demon Slayer boss, as described in the developer blog?

    Question: Should players be able to unlock the chance of getting Tzhaar slayer assignments through the Slayer reward points shop? Upon receiving this task from a slayer master, you will be given the choice of either killing the given number of TzHaar monsters or taking on the challenge of completing the fight cave.

    Question: Should there be a very small chance of receiving a TzTok-Jad pet after killing TzTok-Jad?

    Question: Should extensions to tasks, listed in the developer blog, be added to the slayer point rewards shop?

    Question: Should the herb sack, an item that can store up to 30 of each grimy herb be added to the Slayer reward points store?

    Question: Should the Stronghold Slayer cave be extended, adding black demons, blue & red dragons?

    Question: Should we increase the amount of black demons, blue and baby blue dragons in Taverley dungeon, red dragons in Brimhaven dungeon and introduce baby green dragons to the Brimhaven dungeon?

    Question: Should dark beast and spiritual mage drop tables be improved slightly, as detailed in the developer blog?

    Question: Should Slayer assignment tables be reworked as described in the Developer blog?

    Kree'arra attack change

    Since the release of the Godwars dungeon, Kree'arra's magic attack has been calculating whether or not it hits based on your ranged defence. It has been requested that this is changed so that Kree'arra's magic attack calculate whether or not it hits based on your magic defence instead.

    This change will likely have an impact on the difficulty of the boss.

    Question: Since the release of Godwars dungeon Kree'arra's magic attack has calculated whether or not it hits based on your ranged defence. Should this be changed so Kree'arra's magic attack calculates whether or not it hits based on your magic defence? This change will likely have an impact on the difficulty of the boss.

    Other questions

    Question: Should the wilderness swords, one of the rewards for completing any of the wilderness achievement diaries, be able to cut through any spider web without fail?

    Question: Should the additional kill messages introduced with Bounty Hunter be removed?

    Question: Should the shortcut in the Kalphite lair be moved to take you much closer to the Kalphite Queen room entrance?

    Question: Should a new right-click option be added to clue scrolls to let you know how many steps you have completed?

    Question: Should the bank deposit box found in Port Khazard be replaced with a bank chest?

    Question: Should the Karil's coif have a ranged attack of +7? It currently has a ranged attack of +3.

    Question: Should a fairy ring be added to Ape Atoll? This fairy ring would only be usable after returning to Daero and completing your training after Monkey Madness.

    Question: Should an option to count the number of players in a boss room be added for each boss in Old School?

    Question: Should the message that warns you when your cannon is about to decay be recoloured to stand out more?

    Question: Should a coloured message appear in your chat box when you receive a champion challenge drop?

    Question: Should the doors at Barbarian Assault be made to stay open permanently?

    Question: Should Perdu, the NPC found upstairs in the Edgeville general store who sells back some untradeable items, sell back achievement diary equipment?

    Question: Should the Clan Wars FFA entry portal be moved further north inside the arena, near the line where the combat zone begins?

    Question: Should we revert the maple log item graphic to match the other logs in game?

    Question: Should the Burthorpe teleport on the games necklace and the games room minigame teleport have their destinations switched? This would mean the games necklace takes you to the castle courtyard and the minigame teleport takes you just outside of the games room.

    Question: Should we add an impling jar to the contents of hunter kits created with the Lunar spell hunter kit?

    Question: Should we add a tradeable, stackable item that can be purchased from and sold to an NPC for 1,000 coins? This would allow players with enough money to exceed the limit for a single item stack to keep hold of their gold without running out of space. The Grand Exchange and shops would still only accept coins, not this new item, when paying for items.

    Question: Should we add the music cape? This would become available after unlocking every music track. This cape would use the air guitar emote.

    Question: Should an option be added to the player owned house menu to summon your butler when you are in your house? This option would only function when you have a bell in your house.

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    Customized * keys will be nice, but i don't seem to like the idea of changing bonds especially after they have had their names changed :(
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    Looks awesome except for the Kree'ara thing.
    Thank god for XP drops, won't have to rely on 3rd party clients for that anymore. ^_^
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    XP DROPS @@@ SLAYER @@@

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