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Rich man

Rich man

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Mod Ash said:
Rich man said:
Will vetions drop table be buffed atleast? Now the safespot is removed, it will take much more food to kill it + higher stats.

We're polling a change to Vet'ion to make him a bit easier by removing some dogs. If that doesn't pass, we can look at making him more rewarding instead.

Thanks Mod Ash!

30-Jul-2015 11:21:30

Jan Member 2016


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"sea the see"? xD

Also quickly release XP drops, clients like osbuddy (which cause lag for most players) will no longer be very usefull if we have both xp drops and fkeys :)

30-Jul-2015 11:21:57



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FINALLY you do something about the vet'ion safespot. Shame it took you several months since i sent in a bug report to do anything about it, and has been abused by so many people to get easy rotg's/pets with no action taken agaisnt their accounts. Well at least you now admit it was a bug!

30-Jul-2015 11:24:31

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