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wlzhou9 said:
What is the point of total worlds? Seems completely pointless.

Not really pointless.

in 2000 total worlds, there are very little bots (if any), no beggers, rarely any scammers (havnt seen any yet), less crowded areas and I dont see splashers everywhere i go. Imo ttl worlds are pretty nice.
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25-Aug-2015 23:06:11

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An update to Boss Slayer allowed you to be able to pick between 3 and 35 bosses of any boss you were given. This was an awesome update; however, Zulrah, for some reason, was only given a range of 3-15 bosses per task. Could anybody tell me why they decided to cap Zulrah @ 15/task? Was this done intentionally, or just some random glitch?

05-Oct-2015 03:48:30

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