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LOL all these responses are basically "yay for new boss hype", "RIP Max Cape #1moremonth", or "***** sailing, jagex is stupid for doing it".

While you are entitled to your own opinion, it just stuns me to see how ignorant or hard headed people are when they dont have an open mind about a update. That and they dont wanna have to max another skill #lazyscape

BTW most of yall dont even read the full Month of September ahead post and complain about things they address in the topic..... Seriously LEARN TO READ LAZY *****!^_^^_^^_^

07-Sep-2015 19:24:39

bob tatus
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bob tatus

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Grrr Help said:
Ooo some awesome updates this month, looking forward to them! Plenty of reason for me to be working away on my slayer level.

I'd like to know more about the sailing of course but as it stands ill still be voting no... I'd much rather summoning or something even though its not on the table.

Have a great TwitchCon!

i took my time to login on the forums to comment on your reply , rather summoning ?? this isnt bloody eoc ya drop kick its old school. they introduce summoning ill quit the game for good. oh and by the way dont try to reply back to me coz i wont be checking this topic again.

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Eagle Eye
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Eagle Eye

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Quick question: which might relate to the abyssal boss but may not.. I am just thinking this up on the spot..

Since we have the abyssal dagger now do we exspect to see more abyssal items released in time to come? Maybe a cross between cyclops and abyssal demon making the abyssal-cyclops O_O that you need to kill in warrior's a tough boss at 85+ slayer and it's only reason for existing is the "abyssal defender"? I think that would work well in releasing a shield with same strength as dfs (untradeable) and maybe make the drop very rare so most people would rather just buy a dfs than put up with doing than much killing for it :D? Idk I am just giving you an idea.. in other words...

Will there be more abyssal items in time to come? :D and if you like the idea with defender can you poll it :D?

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why is everyone in osrs so resistant to change? i think sailing is going to be awesome and definitely new weapons too?? heck yes!

some knowledge for all ya'll. Those who are resistant to change are destined to perish, gte with the program guys, osrs is going to change.
Jo-Weezy ~06~

13-Sep-2015 08:38:15

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I just wanted to say THANK YOU for ending the splashing!!! I can't tell you how nice it is to be able to enjoy using the Lumby food chest again and put an end to end this annoying cheat.

16-Sep-2015 15:26:11

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