DevBlog: Sailing - An Overview

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I have questions:

1) How will sailing work to augment skilling if the journeys are randomised; how will you be able to get back to the same resource multiple times?

2) You mention that you can access resources without a sailing level if a friend takes you there. How will you encourage training of sailing, when this mechanic in construction has led to fewer people training because they can just leech somebody else?

3) You mention point to point routes. Given the number of ports already, and those to come, there must be hundreds of possible routes and an exponential increase as more are added. How will this concept be expandable?

4) You mentioned in the Twitch Q&A that you didn't wish to lock boats behind construction by requiring a construction level to build them. If, however, the boats were tradeable between players (so a player requires only the sailing level to use the boat), wouldn't this solve the issue? The boats wouldn't be locked behind construction, and it could also lead to a profitable method out of construction.

5) How will the click and point approach to moving the boat work a) in and around land masses (especially very small ones, like around tutorial island) and b) in relation to other players' boats?

I may have more questions to come, but these will do for now.

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Mod John C said:
Popped back in to the office to answer some of the questions.

Thanks for your reply, here's my feedback on your responses.

1) I don't really mean the random events, I get their purpose. It's more about the resource islands I presume there will be. Like, say, an island with a few magic trees on it. Surely, repeatability is key to sailing as a method of skilling. If somebody wants to sail off, cut magic logs, fill up their cargo, go back to port and repeat, how can they do that if they don't know the island will be there when they get back? In that case, there's not much reason to use sailing for helping skilling. That would probably require new content to encourage skillers to use sailing, and that'll surely be a lot harder to get passed a poll.

2) Is Pay2Leech the best way to go? I don't think it was too popular with dungeoneering. What are the other reasons there will be?

3) Okay, this is fair enough. Although, if boats can only travel so far, why use them for transportation when we have charter ships? I think it's best to focus sailing on the exploration side of things, rather than as transportation between points on the mainland for this readon.

4) Also fair enough. I hope it will be the case.

5) I know they're not going to be colossal, but if the boats are sailing the actual sea then there are quite a lot of areas that would be tricky even for moderately sized ship. I mean, the boats have to be big enough to do stuff on, so I'd say something like 3x5 is pretty small to do much on but stil big enough that I don't see how it could navigate round tricky little islands.

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