Dev Blog: Skillcape Perks

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attack cape - when monsters
become passive, hit attack cape
they attack once more, no need
to leave and reenter location

strength - have the ability to push
an opponent once
(like the d spear spec)
with a cool down of 5 minutes

defence - have the ability to block
the opponent/monsters next hit to 0
cool down of 10 minutes
ranged - acts as accumulator

prayer - bury bones to restore prayer

magic - unlimited teleports to any spell
book teleport of your choosing (option
to change only occurs once a day)
hitpoints - acts as a pheonix necklace
once a day

runecraft- no degrading of bags whatsoever
construction - all wood cut, turns into planks

agility - reduces drain rate of run, no weight
reduction, just matches restore rate of full grace

herblore - all tiem 5 %chance to save secondary item

thieving - 10 percent pickpocket increase

crafting - unlimited teleports to crafting guild

fletching - 5% chance of saving items used to fletch
slayer - you choose a task, once a day

hunter - increases the chance of your
traps being succesful when set up and worn

mining - 10% chance of double ore

smithing - similar effects of scroll of efficiency
in rs3

fishing - perm boost of 105 fishing

cooking - never burn anything

firemaking - 10% chance wood cut
is burned immediately for xp

woodcutting - 10 % chance of 2 logs per cut
farming - 5 % increase in yield

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