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Jr The Lion
Mar Member 2019

Jr The Lion

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Would be nice to have BH craters back..this "bh" that we got is lame...can't ever find anyone and when you do the rest of the team logs on. This is getting craters it is way better.

14-Oct-2015 02:51:05

Royal Rumble

Royal Rumble

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There are 139 Maxed players in game- and You polled the Max cape over 17k players?
If all 139 voted "Yes"- it takes 140 lv3's to outvote them.

Here are the facts:
90% of those players- will never become maxed.
A maxed cape should have greater stats than the Fire -Cape, that's why i voted no.
Is a Maxed cape Easier to get than a fire cape?? i've seen a lv 36, with a fire cape??

Give the guys a break- getting all 99's is arguably the hardest task possible in rs.

15-Oct-2015 06:27:33

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