Smoke battlestaff buff

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Rwne said:
Will Smoke battle staff buff stack with magic void?

Yes. Pretty much everything stacks with void bonuses.

update pvp said:
I have a few ideas concerning the abyssal sire boss, there are a few issues I've encountered while killing it...

Thanks. I'm up for increasing the Slayer XP on the Sire, Vet'ion and the KQ, since those are three monsters where the Slayer XP is not related to the actual damage dealt during the fight. Unfortunately the clicking may not be readily fixable - those tentacles are actually obstructing quite a lot of the room, even if they don't look it.

Gamagori Bow said:
Oh, I didn't know 71% was the new required number to pass a poll.

You may have misread the poll question. That combat level requirement was added post-launch without any poll ay all, so Poll 36 was asking players whether it should be kept: "Should the 90 combat requirement on the lair of the Corporeal Beast remain in game?" - with a 75% threshold for the requirement to remain. Just like it would have taken a 75% threshold to install the combat level requirement if we'd been able to poll it in the first place.

08-Oct-2015 12:45:01

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