Smoke battlestaff buff

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Kamran said:
Bradz said:
Seems interesting this weeks update

It was worded really weirdly so I think a lot of people voted for the opposite of what they wanted. The quest should have just been 'Should the 90 combat requirement to enter the corporeal beast cave be removed?'. That would have made it more clear.

But the 90 cb to enter was added without a poll

09-Oct-2015 23:26:12



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can we please get the law rune drop at the abyssal sire removed? when you are doing sire if you get a law rune drop, it lights up the annakarl and carrallangar teleports ( deep wild ) which is right next to the smoke spell to use for sire, and i would hate to telly deep wild with 100m+ gear on me. or anyone else for that matter. seems kinda dangerous to me, i don't even pick them up if im going for another kill

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I realize this is obscure, but the smoke battlestaff buff does not apply to Salarin the Twisted. The max hit with fire strike was previously 12, and it remains 12 even when using the smoke battlestaff. Should it not be 13 as of this update? This would just give slightly faster kills when combined with an occult necklace (Five hits of 14 vs. six hits of 13).

Is this an unresolvable issue with damage multipliers, or is it just a particular case?

10-Oct-2015 04:50:19

Lewis Shoot
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Lewis Shoot

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I understand that more people use the range potion but the generic range colour is green and the magic colour is blue so why did we change the colour of the magic potion from blue to a creamy pink? Surely it would have made more sense to change the range potion to be green. Finally we have signatures in the surprise forum update.
I'm Lewis, I play Old School & I've been playing since 2005.

12-Oct-2015 19:18:46

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Dear Jagex can we please poll adding a 10% damage boost to the mud battlestaff and maybe the steam staff as well, this would make them useful items that have some value once again, there's no reason we should be having drops from high level bosses be worthless when it does indeed take some skill to kill them (dk's, zammy). Lava staffs may be another story because of their abundance but then again it would be nice to have that excited feeling again when you get a lava staff like it was when slayer first came out in 05, it could be a much needed improvement to this game and a more rewarding experience for the players.

14-Oct-2015 21:19:27

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