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Mod Ash said:
Saxo said:
Just don't ruin the economy with it.

The plan was to start by just offering vanilla LootShare. That'd have a relatively small effect on the economy, since it doesn't much affect what's dropped, only the recipient.

Expansions such as CoinShare would not be included by default, since I really don't like the effect CoinShare had on the economy, and ShardShare seems to have a lot of opposition. But we've had a few suggestions sent in for how to make a CoinShare system that doesn't just inject piles of cash, and maybe in future we'd be able to make one of them work, and poll it.
When someone mentions LS I always think of CS, I forget they're different.

I've sent in my suggestion before but I'll post it again, what do you think?

This is a TLDR version but I can write it more indeph if you want.

- Offer goes to the highest "buy" offer in GE, cash is split among the users and is sent to their GE.
- If there's no buy offers (mostly for new items), the game waits until there is one
- To prevent merc* clans from buying all out then putting an offer in for like 10gp for ags, the items will only sell if the buy price is within x % of the average sale price in the last x hours
- Any left over GP that isn't divisible by the amount of players in the group, the left over GP is removed from the game (we're talking like 1gp here), or refunded to the buyer

Obviously with a system like that there's gonna have to be a lot of safeguards in place and precautions to prevent people from manipulating it or getting "scammed", but I think that would be for the best imo.

12-Oct-2015 17:07:19

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