Dev Blog: Content Poll #37

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Dev Blog: Content Poll #37

Content poll #37 will be in a poll both near you this Thursday and we have a lot planned. Skill cape perks, additional max cape stats and lots, lots more!

Change log

  • Slayer perk is no longer guaranteed once per day.
  • Mining perk reduced from 10% chance to 5% chance of a bonus ore.

  • Skill Cape Perks

    Since their release, skill capes have been a great way to show off your accomplishments in RuneScape. We would like to offer some perks that would also come along with the capes to give them some practical applications around the game.

    Skill Perk
    Attack Free access to Cyclops areas within the Warriors' Guild.
    Strength Unlimited teleports to the Warriors' Guild.
    Defence Act as a permanent Ring of Life.
    Ranged Act as an Ava's accumulator.
    Prayer Act as if you are carrying a holy wrench (this does not stack with the holy wrench).
    Magic Can cast spellbook swap once per day.
    Runecrafting Acts as all tiaras.
    Construction 5 daily teleports to any player owned house portal.
    Hitpoints 2x HP restore rate (doesn't stack with rapid restore prayer).
    Agility Acts as a graceful cape, including weight reduction and set bonus.
    Herblore Nardah herbalist will create unfinished potions for you, for 200gp each. (Same as desert hard reward). Also gives a pestle and mortar.
    Thieving 10% better chance of succeeding when pickpocketing.
    Crafting Unlimited teleports to the Crafting Guild.
    Fletching Can be searched for a mithril grapple and bronze crossbow 3 times per day.
    Slayer Slim chance of being able to persuade a slayer master to reassign your last task.
    Hunter 5 daily teleports to black or red chinchompas.
    Mining 5% chance of receiving an extra ore while mining, up to adamantite (stacks with Varrock armour).
    Smithing Acts as goldsmithing gauntlets.
    Fishing Unlimited fishing guild teleports.
    Cooking Impossible to burn any food.
    Firemaking Acts as a lightsource.
    Woodcutting 10% increased chance of finding a bird's nest.
    Farming 5% increased yield from herb patches (stacks with magic secateurs).
    Max cape Provides all of the above.

    Question: Should skill capes be given perks as described in the content poll #37 developer blog? These perks give the capes practical uses around the game.

    Max cape stats

    Since the arrival of the max cape in Old School we've seen a lot of requests for the stats of the cape to be improved to make the cape a viable option in more situations. We would like to offer a way to make the max cape more useful.

    We would like to make it possible for your max cape to consume fire capes, Ava's accumulators and god capes. When a cape is consumed the stats of your max cape would match those of the cape that was consumed. The colour of your max cape will also change to one of three colours, depending on the cape you added.

    To clarify: the stats of the max cape will never exceed those of any capes already found in game. You cannot combine the stats of multiple capes - only one cape can be used on the max cape at a time.

    It is important to note that, in the event that the skill cape perks pass the poll, only the default max cape will provide the perks. If you have your max cape consume any other capes the perks will be lost in exchange for the different stats.

    Question: Should the max cape be able to consume existing top tier capes, changing the stats of the max cape to match those of the cape which was consumed? If skill cape perks pass, it will not be possible to use the skill cape perks of the max cape after a cape has been consumed by it.

    Zulrah scale fishing

    We would like to offer a way for you to gather Zulrah scales without having to take on the snake itself: swamp eels. Swamp eels require 87 Fishing to catch and 72 Cooking to harvest Zulrah scales from. They are caught using a fishing rod and bait.

    Question: Should fishing spots containing swamp eels be added to the swamp in Zulandra? Swamp eels would be a source of Zulrah scales requiring 87 Fishing to catch and 72 Cooking to extract the scales.

    Monster examine

    We will be offering an upgrade to the monster examine spell found on the Lunar spellbook. Currently, monster examine will show you the combat level, hitpoints and max hit of a monster. We would like to expand this to also show you the stats of the monster as well as any attack and defence modifiers.

    Question: Should the monster examine spell be expanded to show the stats and attack/defence modifiers of monsters?

    Full coloured rocks

    In 2007 a change was made to the appearance of mining rocks (clay, tin, copper, iron, coal etc) in RuneScape. Most rocks in game currently have the updated appearance.

    We have recently seen a number of requests for the appearance of all mining rocks around the game to be reverted to how they originally appeared prior to the change in 2007. We will be offering this change with content poll #37.

    Question: Should the appearance of mining rocks (such as iron, coal, mithril etc) be reverted to how they originally appeared between 2003 and early 2007?

    Other questions

    Question: Should the spawn time of the Kalphite Queen be reduced from 150 seconds to 30 seconds?
    Question: Should the cost of the Zamorak godsword special attack be reduced from 60% to 50%?
    Question: Should a button be added to the Grand Exchange and Grand Exchange history interfaces that allows you to switch between the two?
    Question: Should a completely black area be made accessible to allow players to take screenshots without backgrounds? An option would be added to the Disc of Returning to access the area.
    Question: The button found in the bank interface that deposits all worn items is one that is often mis-clicked. Should it be moved to help prevent this?
    Question: Should a toggle be added to disable the movement of the screen during Fishing Trawler to prevent seasickness?
    Question: Should the examine text of all keys in game let you know what the key is for?
    Question: Should price check be added to the looting bag and trade screen?
    Question: Should the Slayer experience received upon killing the Kalphite Queen and Vet'ion reflect the total hitpoints of both forms, rather than just the second?
    Question: Should a 'Bank All' button be added to the Fishing Trawler reward interface?
    Question: Should the Elidinis Statuette in Nardah restore run energy to 100% when used?
    Question: Should the rate at which you can gather seaweed from the seaweed nets found at Piscatoris be increased?

    Mods Alfred, Archie, Ash, Ghost, Ian, John C, Kieren, Mat K, Maz, Ronan, Weath
    The Old School Team


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    Hell I'm voting for it all. Bring on the max cape stats and perks!

    EDIT: How about the slayer cape perk be 5-10 teleports to your task per day, not including bosses? It'd still be a daily, but not the extent that makes it the best XP/hr to train it daily.
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    Skill cape perks look pretty good, I'll be looking forward to the slayer cape perk.

    Zulrah scales fishing oh my lord yes pls.

    Max cape stats - You might want to make it clear in the question you poll that it can only consume 1 cape at a time.

    Rest of the questions looking good :3


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    Mini Finbarr

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    I like the max cape buffs being offered.

    10% chance of receiving an extra ore while mining, up to adamantite (stacks with Varrock armour).

    This Mining cape buff seems a little overpowered. This will provide a marked improvement in xp/hr and seems out of place when the other improvements are mostly QOL.

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    Fishing Scales? YES PLS
    Max cape stats? YES PLS
    Zamorakian Sword of the Gods buff? YES PLS
    Queen of all of the Kalphites getting better? YES PLS

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    The max cape is a huge achievment, it definitely deserves an improvement.
    Great poll ahead of us, congrats to all the max players out there.

    Gotta love the skill cape perks. :D

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