Halloween 2015

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Alla Malti said:
How long will the Haloween event last as I havent found the time to do it yet and id like to plan it before its out of the game :)

Will be removed next Thursday I think!
The latest newspost says:

"While we have now removed the Halloween login screen, the Halloween 2015 event is going to be available to play until next Thursday. Do not miss your opportunity to have a go at the event and grab yourself the rewards - you won't be able to get them until next year if you miss your chance now!"

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Another phenomenal update and holiday event from the OSRS team!

I really enjoyed completing it. :) I wish the RS3 holiday events were like this. The dialogue options were absolutely amusing.

11-Nov-2015 02:34:08



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I liked this event a lot, the color of the neon green and black logs looked amazing! Plus I got so much cool stuff from it including mod ash's emote which is hilarious! (ash is illuminati confirmed)

09-Dec-2015 02:35:13

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