Deadman fixes & KQ spawn rate

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Mod Ash

Mod Ash

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We're rebooting the servers to release a some fixes for Deadman Mode.

  • Some changes have been made to the PK skull logic, to deal with players who were able to attack a previous assailant without getting skulled.

  • Captain Barnaby's ship in Ardougne had a single tile in a safe zone where players could not fight due to the enclosed space. The mast has now been moved to address this. His ship at Brimhaven was not affected.

  • Clan Wars has been disabled properly.

  • As a little bonus for players who aren't playing Deadman mode, we've included the faster respawn time for the Kalphite Queen that was offered in the last poll. She now respawns after about 30 secs, down from the previous 2.5 minutes.

    31-Oct-2015 13:41:04

    Mod Ash

    Mod Ash

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    Mighty Drunk said:
    Hello Mod Ash, the system update message is causing the constant lagg again. Would it be easy to add an option to dismiss these messages after they pop up?

    I was looking into whether I could make them not have that effect at all. Same for the other yellow broadcasts.

    31-Oct-2015 13:52:48

    Mod Ash

    Mod Ash

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    Fake Psycho said:
    Can osrs get rune coins automatic to pick? Like make slayer master bag for rune coins to pick.For 1k slay pts.

    It's been suggested as a way of making the Ring of Wealth useful. Once we've got a LootShare system installed - which I'm confident will pass its poll when we're able to offer it - it'll become much easier to install that kind of feature.

    Heritage said:
    Great fixes, I'm glad the skulling bug got fixed.

    Credit to Ian on this one. I'd have been stumped.

    31-Oct-2015 14:16:04

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