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Sopo Poika

Sopo Poika

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Pures have and will always do both f2p and p2p, and historically the jagex cups have been both f2p and p2p.

It would be a ridiculously horrible decision to not have both a f2p and p2p pure all-out cup.

20-Nov-2015 21:07:20



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So what exactly do these "cups" prove...? Skill cup just shows who can click the fastest without making any mistakes and relies heavily on chance since gathering a resource etc is based on chances and not really skill at all.

PVM cup is the same deal; just stocking up on the best items and gear and going bossing as usual, relies on chances due to attacks potentially hitting or missing.

PVP is just a slug fest and whoever has the most money / best stats will usually win.

With Darkscape, Dead Man Mode, RS3, OSRS, Iron Man Mode, Ultimate Man Mode, and RS Classic, and now a "competitive cup" event that practically proves nothing, I think you guys are spreading out your focus too much.

And with RS being such a large game, there has to be SOMETHING that can be worthy of competing for as a "prize cup" on RS... cmon Jagex, you guys can do better than this.

20-Nov-2015 21:27:33

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i tend to agree with clan cups however my issue is concerning clans are dificult to stay together and form as we cannot keep track of them we should have for small clans a clan chat that is not a clan chat and if the clan gets big we should nhave regiments for the clans where they are in the same clan and a leader leads the regiment similer to usa states vs country clan leader owns all the regiments but the regiment leader makes rules in certain regiments that the regiments are for certain things like the clan im in has pkers andpvmers and both or people with both makes it dificult to tell who is who for newcomers egaurdless if its attached to rs3 or not i beleive these would be better updates then clancups we should update wat we have before making short to longterm goals on a friend chat as os clan chats are friend chats and people alot of the time dont know they have left them and its more dificult to keep track of

22-Nov-2015 18:34:27

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SHZ said:
Hey guys, thanks for wasting dev. time on a very niche subset of the community!

I'm applauding your narrow mindedness and will educate you to the fact that 90% of this games population is either in a clan or associates with one in some way.

Why should clans be neglected when they make up a vital part of the game?
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01-Dec-2015 10:42:51

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jagex you are so dumb to make the jcup and pair main clans vs pure clans sm* really dissapointed for it not having a f2p fullout for pures and pures having to fight mains is ridicoulous pce jagex really bad organization

05-Dec-2015 03:02:58

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