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Really glad you made some positive tweaks towards making deadman a bit less of a bleak experience, however, i do think it needs a bit more tweaking in a more drastic sense. Ive seen numerous complaints about 1) people getting hounded by gangs and 2) getting hounded by people 4x their cmbt lvl.

I propose the idea to only be able to attack people unprovoked if theyre either +30/-30 within your own combat level, unless maybe when using an added dialog "request to fight" sorta option. I think a "request to fight"(sorta like the RSC days?) would be a neat addition, allowing for more 1v1 type fights, maybe have both players get a temporary skull for equal opportuniy? I dont know, just something i think would be cool.

Also i feel like non multicpmbat areas would be nice to bring some places back to a more traditional pk style as opposed to getting hounded by clans everywhere.

23-Nov-2015 02:49:53

Apr Member 2013


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I dislike this max cape update. You combine capes but the final product have only stats of added cape ? Imho you should be able to add all of them and have item with all combined stats plus max cape alone should have stats better than trimmed 99 cape. Very weak reward for the biggest achievements in the game if you ask me.

23-Nov-2015 10:42:49

Avid Sparx

Avid Sparx

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Why the hell was the max cape installed prior to the Skillcape perks? It's not like the 200+- maxers have more say than the 200k+- skill capers, hmmmm?!? 'Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.'
T. Pratchett, 1948-2015 RIP, you are missed

24-Nov-2015 23:25:40

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I like deadman mode but it is too harsh for a new player... for example I had no expensive items to sell and when I died I lost everything (I had less than 28 items in bank so ended up empty again). That happened like 10 times, but I still tried to play. But evety time I'm killed by players with 50+ bigger combat level like in 2-3 hits and I have to farm for money, then go for like bone crossbow and getting killed while getting it.... Died like 5 times just trying to get bone crossbow while I was combat 20 ant attackers 70-90 combat...

There should be some combat difference limit. Like you go out of town its like 10 and gets bigger as you go further away from safe zone.

Because now I just go out of the city and anyone 90+ combat kills me in 2 hits which is unfair. It is kind of impossible to start the game/ become strong as I cant leave towns.

25-Nov-2015 15:41:24

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