Christmas & Zeah

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Christmas & Zeah

We have a packed schedule for you this Christmas holiday. First off you can head over to Falador where Santa is waiting for you to help him defeat the Anti-Santa, help him out and you will be rewarded with a black Santa Hat and a white and red one too (not to be confused with a red and white one).

Every Wednesday and Sunday Mod Ronan will be doing community streams on our Twitch channel where you can win Santa hats, Christmas crackers and party hats. If that's not enough, follow the Old School team on Twitter for any #SantaAlerts as you'll be able to log into game and join in with events which give away the Christmas holiday items.

Once you are all Christmassed out you can start looking forward for the launch of Zeah, the new continent. In phase one, which is due in January, you will be able to explore the magnificent city of Great Kourend.

You must earn favour with the main Houses of the city to unlock their benefits, below are just some of the things you can look forward too.

  • Necromancy spellbook
  • Blast mining activity
  • The blood and soul rune altars
  • Tithe farming activity
  • New weapons and armour
  • A new race of Lizardmen to battle
  • and much more.

Follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts for more information over Christmas.

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The Old School Team

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Really looking forward to necromancy. Always been a fan of the undead.

Also, cheeky suggestion for next year as necromancy will be a thing. For those of us that enjoy being an anti-hero it would be amazing to genuinely help anti-santa to win, (rather than pretending to help him and then betraying him. I felt kinda bad about that, I like the guy).

I seem to remember an event in faldor with a goblin invasion were the players could choose to help the goblins instead. As someone who will be heavily involved in necromancy i think it would only be right to help a fellow member of the undead.

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Vel Shok

Vel Shok

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I'm not so sure on the new spell book, only because it might revolutionize PKing once again, but we'll see!

Super stoked for the Zeah though, Praying for new quests and the new NPC's.

The "Lords of os" will be doing an event there on opening day!
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21-Dec-2015 18:26:17

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Yh sure a new spell book smd what is yagex doing Killing the game again??? Add ***** dragon claws and dont do these bad updates (new spellbook). Anyways we see how it goes u shud do a beta first in dmm to see how it looks like

21-Dec-2015 18:58:59

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Looks great! Will there be anything that would risk getting accidental combat xp? I'd love to run around and explore absolutely everything but I'm deadly afraid of doing anything that might gain combat xp. Obviously I won't be attacking anything, but will things like joining the houses (the combat one and the magic + rc one in particular) or trying to make this new essence for blood/soul runes result in me gaining accidental combat xp?

21-Dec-2015 19:22:07

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