Great Kourend Tweaks

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Great Kourend Tweaks

Following the feedback on Great Kourend that we've received in the past day, we have made a number of small changes to the rate at which you earn favour and experience in various activities to fit what was offered in polls.

Favour & experience rate changes

  • Reduced the Runecrafting experience when crafting blood and soul runes very slightly.
  • The Hosidius servery has been tweaked to provide faster favour with Hosidius house.
  • Increased the thieving experience for stealing booty in Piscarilius house.
  • The rate at which you earn favour for Piscarilius tasks has been tweaked to create smoother progression.
  • Mining sulphur now provides a small amount of favour with Lovakengj house.
  • Ploughing fields and making fertiliser now provides slightly increased favour with Hosidius house.
  • Tackling organised crime around Great Kourend will now provide better drops.

  • Bugfixes

  • Moved the tool leprechaun in Hosidius house closer to the herb patch.
  • Fixed an inaccessible ladder in Varrock.
  • Moved the anglerfish fisherman to prevent click-zone clashes with Fishing spots.
  • Removed some stray blocking in Piscarilius house.
  • Removed some stray roofing in Piscarilius house.
  • Repaired a corner of a ploughing field in Hosidius house.
  • Romeo is no longer wearing his Santa hat.
  • Charlie Brown has ventured away from the Port of Piscarilius.
  • Fixed a typo on a library book.
  • Corrected the spelling of Saltpetre in the task list.
  • Removed a range in Hosidius house.
  • The gap in the north wall of Prifddinas has been closed.
  • Flattened the area surrounding the Arceuus essence mine to prevent game crashes.

  • We want your feedback and ideas

    It is clear that the community has a lot of feedback to give on Great Kourend and we are very interested in hearing your ideas. We want to see Zeah be all that it can be and believe that your feedback and ideas are key in making this happen. If you have suggestions, please be sure to send them our way.

    We currently have dedicated forum suggestion threads for:

  • Great Kourend house tasks
  • Great Kourend house rewards
  • Necromancy spellbook additions

  • Discuss this update on our forums.

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    King Kai
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    I'm sorry but 18k xp ph with anglerfish is a joke.. It should at least be doubled considering the requirements to fish them. Also there are way too many empty houses in Zeah that serve no purpose.

    08-Jan-2016 14:26:02

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    Thx for bugfix. When is part 2 released? I feel like I've done prty much done everything there is to do @Zeah for now (and I'm not alone). Need more content soon, can't wait :)

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    Atleast the mining method for rc isnt changed, im happy about that.
    I dont mind if the xp/hour will be like 2-3k lowered so it wont go over 45k, seems fair.
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