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Jul Member 2017


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I think the most important thing here is that Jagex needs to learn from their community.
They think they are listening the the community but things aren't just working out.

Fix the existing content. Put sense in your updates. Hands of the meta-game.

17-Jan-2016 23:55:26

iTwisted Bow

iTwisted Bow

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The dragon war hammer will be very powerful. I would like to see the new high leveled lizard men to be on the same level as tormented demons to accommodate such a rare and wicked drop
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19-Jan-2016 19:45:06



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oh my gosh the dragon war hammer will be so strong lol as long as it hits above 0 it will lower current defence level by 30% and it will hit 50% harder too for only 50% spec energy so if someone is pking and gets someone half hp they hit them once with dragon war hammer spec then 2 dds specs its pretty much over if the dragon war hammer spec lands so having said all this the high level lizardman better be a extremely tough monster to kill because 30% of current defence level imagine corp for example lol.make this a hard boss to kill with this being a unique drop lol this will be a game changing item.

i dont know if this should only be accessible by 100% rating with shay*ien with the value which will probably be like 20m-80m people will most likely just flock to shay*ien to kill this monster.

20-Jan-2016 02:13:58

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