Necromancy Improvements

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Guild Mastr7 said:
Looking at this thread really made me appreciate you JMods a lot more. People really love complaining at you guys no matter what you do.

This. Thanks JMods, we know (or at least hope) that you're doing your best.

05-Feb-2016 23:31:06

The Wakka
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The Wakka

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Okay, I don't want to have a go but I sort of agree with the logic of spells have just been added to make the book look less, well "empty."

Barrows Teleport - Very good idea.
Crop Resurrect - very good idea.

but most of the teleports are already redundant.... who even visits most of those places besides wilderness locations for pkers...

Really this book could have potential to rival Lunars/Ancients but needs good and balanced input.

I'm going to add a post soon but I'm really thinking of maybe

1) a spell that "drains prayer slower" for certain time.... "Vodoo" or "Black Magic"

2) a spell that makes a black mist around the player and reduces melee damage - similar to staff of light special.

3) a spell that actually can damage would be nice? Maybe a Flurry of bats fly at the enemy for blood/souls consumption and causes actual damage and then maybe a damage over time affect for a few seconds...

3) maybe rather than killing all resurrection monsters - some could aid the player - not summoning but like a Goblin could wonder round looting coins for a period of time or something similar.

This book is not having much imagination put into it and such remains neglected and close to useless still.

06-Feb-2016 12:52:07



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I think that necromancy would be closer to summoning if you were able to reanimate the dead. Which may be helpful when fighting quest monsters and bosses.

I wonder what's coming next. :)

17-Feb-2016 15:01:04



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All the existing spellbooks have some sort of focus or theme...
- Normal is balanced between skills, teleports, and attacks
- Ancients is purely combat, with teleports to Zaros-affiliated regions
- Lunar is almost purely skilling
- Necromancy on temporary reanimation of the dead, and teleportation to 'death themed' areas

To expand the usefulness of the necromancy spellbook, I propose the following: Adding a line of spells focusing on affliction/weakening an opponent.
- "Normal" style curses which reduce a stat by a percentage
- "Vengence" style curses which trigger a stat reduction when someone hits you
- "AOE" style curses which "poison" a few specific squares which you're standing on, and cause a stat reduction in monsters that step on those squares

This approach would allow magic to be used in conjunction with ranged or melee - there should be advantages available to players who don't focus exclusively on one area of the combat triangle

Additionally, it wouldn't overlap with other areas of existing content in the game. To prevent things from being overpowered, some spells may need to be placed on timers.

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