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Who Shot Ya
Feb Member 2013

Who Shot Ya

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owning multiple god books would just encourage ragging and no one would return in actual mage risk (with a sheild for tanking). I don't mind if people owned all of the books at the same time but having 150 zammy books is just gonna cause people to risk even less.

18-Feb-2016 19:58:35

Lord Durzani
Apr Member 2018

Lord Durzani

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Really liking the poll questions this time around. Was never really a fan of NMZ because of the shifty hosting businesses, and groups were never really my thing anyway, so I haven't been too inclined to participate in NMZ. (That and having my own Quest Cape will help me a bit in that regard should boss select pass :P)

Not sure what the stigma is about the godbooks though; I don't see prices really being affected that much through letting players have multiples, or by allowing them to get all damaged books at the get go. Only the people wanting to get spares will really increase the demand as far as I can tell, and allowing a player to buy every single damaged book seems to only be a convenience.

19-Feb-2016 02:01:08 - Last edited on 19-Feb-2016 02:01:45 by Lord Durzani

Oct Member 2017


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Here is a QoL:
1st: Give everyone ely.. no give everyone two ely's
2nd: make all activities not time consuming so we can just bankstand at GE all day all night
3rd:add teleport locations to all places and let them be able to access with jewelry, fairy rings, spellbooks teleports (i think i forgot some tp methods but add them to this list)
And lastly make game ticks twice or trice faster or remove any aspects of game what made it fun so we can get to bankstanding faster :)

20-Feb-2016 08:48:00

0 N E
Sep Member 2013

0 N E

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first to my knowledge of playing for about 11 years now bringin lootshare/coinshare to osrs would help much with protecting out of scammers sec making away of challenge between clans to reach top i believe many clans will come out as in 2009 also many old players will back.

second thing about items prices rising and crashing no worries with that but as one of reasons made me left rs3 to play osrs that for example Item :divine spirit shiled was long ago close 800m now its 16m about that not crash that bank done . i hope not misunderstand me
what i mean for example im with max combat had 2 divine drop by luck i could have fun with offering good outfit for pvm but once my bank crashed to 30m only with max combat cannot offer good outfit for pvm to help me continue and feel the fun . i just worry happen
again on osrs .

thank you.

20-Feb-2016 12:57:25



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Ingame Name:MiQu

Combat Level:112

Prayer Level:72

Magic Level:86

Range Level:90

Defence Level (range tanks):88

What is your favourite boss to kill?:i prefer all :) i like dks :p

Have you been a part of any previous clans, if so why did you leave?:have been some clans leaved bcs people never did anything together :(

Do you have any outstanding applications to other clan?: No i dont

Why do you want to join us?:my friend told me to join said this is awesome pvm clan and i have been looking long a good clan , i think i finally found it

How did you find us? Referred?my friend Hemuli told me

Is there anything else you would like to add? I really hope you take me to your clan i would be really happy ! #MiQu :)

17-Jul-2016 18:18:30

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