Grapes & PvP poll features

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Grapes & PvP poll features

Today's update brings the ability to farm your own grapes, along with a host of features from the recent PvP-themed poll.

Grape farming

Lord Kandur Hosidius has finished preparing his vinery in the south-east of Kourend, and has opened it for use by anyone who's got 65% favour with the Hosidius House, under the "supervision" of his charming son, Pandur.

Treat the vine patches with saltpetre, and plant a grape seed to start your vine growing. The vintner, Gallow, will protect them automatically, so you needn't worry about disease. There are 12 patches, and you can use them all at once.

Once a vine is fully grown, claim your XP and pick the grapes. Level 36 Farming is required to grow grapes at all, though players with higher Farming levels will get substantially more grapes from each vine.

View world map.

When all the grapes are picked, the vine will automatically die of old age, and can be cleared with a spade. This death cannot be reversed by the Resurrection spell, since it did not arise from disease.

Grape seeds can be purchased with reward points from Farmer Gricoller's Tithe Farm for 2 points per seed. The seeds are tradeable.

Next week we hope to launch the update where you'll be able to lock your House favour at 100%, along with some graphical changes to Kourend based on players' suggestions.

PvP Quality of Life updates

The teleblock spell now has different animations to reflect whether or not the spell will hit successfully.

The Wilderness obelisks have had their diary reward redesigned. Previously, a player who had completed the diary would be forced to click through a menu to choose their destination, which could be awkward during combat. Now, all players left-clicking a portal will be taken to a random destination.

Players who have unlocked the rewards of the hard Wilderness diary will now be able to access two extra options on the portal. One allows you to set a 'favourite' destination for the portals, and the other makes the portal teleport you to it.

The Bounty Hunter timer has been changed so that you get at least a minute after killing a target before being assigned a new one. Previously you might get assigned a new target so quickly that you couldn't collect the loot from your last victim.

Monsters in the low-level Wilderness north of Edgeville are now unaggressive on the Bounty world (world 18), so they'll hopefully interfere less with your PvP activities.

Deadman Mode now offers 6 hours of immunity from combat for new players, giving them a chance to get off level 3 before pwnage happens to them. If you want to cancel your immunity before 6 hours elapse, talk to the Doomsayer.

Telekinetic Theatre

We've made some changes to the Telekinetic Theatre in the Mage Training Arena by Al Kharid.

It now has substantially different code for the movement of the guardian in the maze, so you can start walking to a new position while the guardian is responding to your last Telegrab spell.

Well of Goodwill

The Well of Goodwill has returned to Varrock, by the western bank. We'll be opening it on Friday as part of the GameBlast 2016 festivities, so you can show your support for SpecialEffect (registered charity 1121004).

In other news...

  • Larry will no longer allow you to take a follower to the iceberg if you teleport with him from the Zoo in the Cold War quest.
  • The chests in the Temple of Light now ensure you have enough inventory space to take their contents.
  • The animation for the Ruby bolt (e) special attack has been replaced, since the original version caused numerous issues with NPCs such as Zulrah being turned invisible.
  • The intelligence reports received while hunting criminals around Kourend have had their XP rewards recalculated to be less generous to low-level players.
  • The Bonecrusher can no longer be alchemised.
  • The chathead for the Fisherman on Piscarilius beach now matches his model.
  • Players can no longer show Nuff’s certificate to the Fairy Godfather in Fairytale Part II while not carrying the certificate.
  • Bloating bloated toads with ogre bellows can no longer be done in combat.
  • A misspelling of ‘Pharaoh’ in Jarr’s dialogue has been corrected.
  • The Wedge and the Master Crafter now stand still so they're less likely to overlap the click-zone of the nearby bank chests.
  • Khazard guards now pay attention to your gender, rather than simply stating ‘him’.
  • Kree’arra Jr no longer brings pain to your ears with its very loud sound effect.

  • Mods Alfred, Archie, Ash, Ghost, Ian, Jed, John C, Kieren, Mat K, Maz, Ronan, Weath
    The Old School Team

    25-Feb-2016 09:26:37 - Last edited on 25-Feb-2016 09:38:26 by Mod Ash

    Mod Ash

    Mod Ash

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    DeeBz444 said:
    Did PID get updated in this update?

    Xista said:
    May i ask why the god books wasn't updated this week?
    With regard to the multiple ones we could have?

    We cannot deliver everything as fast as you might like it. The other things that passed the polls will come in future, but please don't be surprised when they don't arrive straight after the poll finishes.
    British Pixy said:
    why cant we have the old teleblock animation from pre-eoc , also can we sort out the pj problem in normal wildy cause thus far you only have it in the pvp ?

    If players want the PJ timer added to the normal Wilderness, we can certainly add it. We just hadn't really thought about making such changes to the rules of engagement for the normal old school Wilderness.

    Pre-EoC animations cannot be copied straight in; they have to be reconstructed manually by the artists. The essential thing was to get a clear graphical difference; waiting weeks to get a particular animation didn't seem worthwhile.

    25-Feb-2016 11:13:29

    Mod Ash

    Mod Ash

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    Orion Raven said:
    How long do you think MM2 would take to get developed?

    Back in 2007, a quest would take 2-3 months. More for a big one.
    Mind you, we've got rather faster processes in the OSRS team than we had in 2007, but I'd still expect it to be several weeks.

    25-Feb-2016 11:16:56

    Mod Ash

    Mod Ash

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    Fastmaniac said:
    Any clue when the NMZ update will come in? No stress on my point, will just be some sneaking extra exp at work :D

    I expect one of us will be writing that in the next few days. May not be in time for next week, but hopefully the week after.
    Laimis said:
    died at cerberus before update came back my items are gone. lost fury...
    whats wrong with these servers. dear jagex mod**ators can you explain this to me.

    The servers were rebooted for a game update, which is quite normal for a Thursday morning. We give a countdown to warn people that the update is coming.
    I'm afraid items on the ground cannot persist across a reboot.

    25-Feb-2016 11:18:40

    Mod Ash

    Mod Ash

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    British Pixy said:
    hmmmm fair enough but i do feel the pjing and ragging is pretty sad

    Reckon it'd get support? It'd be very little trouble for us to add the PJ timer to the normal Wilderness, though my normal instinct is to leave Wilderness combat well alone.

    25-Feb-2016 11:27:11

    Mod Ash

    Mod Ash

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    Uunikana said:
    Can you estimate when the NMZ update (which allows players to choose the bosses) is coming? Even a rough guess would be helpful :)

    I'd be surprised if it could be done quickly enough for testing before next week's update, but maybe it'd be ready for the week after.

    25-Feb-2016 11:31:26

    Mod Ash

    Mod Ash

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    Benvil said:
    The conclusion was you'd consider polling removal of the Gricoller's Water Can charges if the Tithe shop had more consumable rewards to spend points on, such as the grape seeds.
    Could it be considered for a poll now?

    Let's see what the uptake is like on the grape seeds first. I'd rather thought we might end up putting more seeds in there in future too, though that'd be more controversial.

    Benvil said:
    I'd also like to see a poll question for removing the "Kourend only" limit on the Tithe Mini-game teleport.

    Much stronger support here. We put in the limit because when that minigame was developed last winter, there was a pretty strong drive to ensure people had to explore Zeah properly rather than being able to go everywhere via all manner of teleports. Since then players have explored Zeah, and new teleports have been unlocked, so the restriction isn't as necessary.

    25-Feb-2016 11:53:51

    Mod Ash

    Mod Ash

    Jagex Moderator Forum Profile Posts by user
    Benvil said:
    I actually saw an idea of adding Teak/Mahogany Seeds to fill some levels gaps on reddit some time ago, which could be a neat addition for Tithe in the future. But obviously that takes some graphic resources, I know someone suggested them for MM2 as well.

    Kieren & I were looking at the tree patch code to see if there was space for 2 more tree-types. There is.

    Benvil said:
    Would you poll removing that limit or just flat out remove it then?

    I'd be inclined to poll it, since other people may feel strongly about navigation on Kourend.

    C o d y said:
    Poll Dark Short bow as a potential Reward with MM2?

    MM2 still has the ballista thing. John & Kieren may design more rewards to offer to replace the jewellery thing that isn't currently passing, or not. I'll leave that topic for them.

    British Pixy said:
    I think if there is no pj timer then something must be implemented about ragging , or it would be nice to perhaps see something like this for example...

    Players are always going to find ways to show the world what jerks they are, even on specially restricted worlds. I remain willing to offer a PJ timer for the Wilderness, though I do not think it'd get enough support.

    British Pixy said:
    Also when do you think we would get new interface? In reality we will end up at pre-eoc again no matter whats said

    "Even if you say you don't want to turn the game into that, you're inevitably going to do it, so what's the delay?" :P

    There is no schedule for offering a new interface. I do want to get enough time to put a 2006-style gameframe together. It's not a small job at all due to the chatbox, but it's something I've wanted to do since we got the required engine features last year. However this doesn't sound remotely like what you're describing as a new interface.

    Tator said:
    Can we get an estimate on how many grapes you get at various levels?

    Around 5 at the minimum level, maybe over 20 if you're a top-level farmer. You're guaranteed a minimum of 5.

    25-Feb-2016 12:31:58

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