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the muad dib

the muad dib

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"we open a brand new Deadman mode server for 6 days." does this mean you will be taking ANOTHER world away from skillers despite the poll saying you couldn't? dmm is dead as it is. why would you throw another world at it. frankly my dear, I couldn't give a dam. never had a river to build one on.
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03-Mar-2016 23:27:06

OS u mad bro

OS u mad bro

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I personally love the idea of the deadman death match, but for the rest march is still a shame

Deadman mode rarely ever has more then 300 players online in 3 worlds, that's not even 1 normal world
And now you are paying $ 10k and spending time and efford on the dmm tournament and reboot with new servers/accounts.

Only thing i see is, we did so much efford in dmm and it's a big fail. Lets desperately try something and try making it popular again.
Just let it go, not everything works. Dmm was never a good concept of a mmor** game.
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04-Mar-2016 13:04:46

Soul Share
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Soul Share

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Looking forward to the Deadman Tournament :D - hope we can have some more details on any changes from normal deadman worlds for the tourny and maybe some more publicity, seeing how this post isn't even on the homepage.

08-Mar-2016 12:01:54 - Last edited on 08-Mar-2016 12:02:25 by Soul Share

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