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Mod Ash

Mod Ash

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Benvil said:
How exactly does the anti-boosting CW update work? Is it like RS3 where you need to be in a game for 10 minutes to get tickets, or is this a different system?

15, but otherwise that's about right.

03-Mar-2016 11:18:50

Mod Ash

Mod Ash

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L D S said:
With graceful recoloring, can we get the rainbow effect? Like red hood, green top, purple legs? Strait up skittles taste the rainbow in this joint?

You can wear mismatched combinations if you recolour the items, yes.

03-Mar-2016 11:21:34

Mod Ash

Mod Ash

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Desi said:
"Upon completion, you will have 100% favour for each house in Great Kourend, will be unable to lose favour and will see the brand new statue of the king in the center of the city!"

So does this mean we wont have to earn favour we will just have it after the quest?? wow wow wow!! :D

Um... no. You must already have 100% favour in a house to do its bit of the miniquest. However, through doing the miniquest, you unlock the ability to keep it at 100%.

Barca said:
Why add another 2000 skill world? The first one wasnt exactly getting full lol

We wanted to add one on the European side of the Atlantic.

Ajeh said:
Whens pid update coming

The engine team's making progress on a few jobs that have been queued for a while, so hopefully that one will come soon.

L D S said:
With the NMZ update next week, Can a maxed Questpointer still sell certain boss fights for a fee?

Players can make whatever arrangements they like when deciding what setups the host will select.

Joe Maxpayne said:
hi ash, read LS blog is this week in BTS. is it coming today?

More likely tomorrow. If so, we'll probably start the poll after the weekend when people have had a chance to read it.

03-Mar-2016 11:37:55

Mod Ash

Mod Ash

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Monsterpav said:
As Monkey Madness 2 passed the poll with over 90%, can we expect any new quests being polled before the end of the year?

Writing a decent-sized quest takes weeks for both content & GFX, and there's a lot of other stuff that players have asked for too. So I wouldn't want to commit to anything. That said, if people like this quest and are keen for us to write more, we'd certainly enjoy doing it.

03-Mar-2016 11:39:19

Mod Ash

Mod Ash

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V93 said:
Awesome job now hunter bots can continue without interruptions from flowers! Way to go Jagex :)

Stylish use of sarcasm, dude :)

Yes, you used to be able to grief people by planting flowers to stop them hunting. If the person being griefed was a bot, that's great. If the person being griefed was a legit player, that's lame. So we made this change to discourage the main forms of griefing there.

03-Mar-2016 11:44:06

Mod Ash

Mod Ash

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A Hebrew said:
Would it be possible to allow fires to be placed on top of flowers too?

It would, yes. We didn't change that yet, since a firestarter can avoid the griefer rather more easily than a hunter can, but it's the kind of thing we could totally do.

03-Mar-2016 11:58:18

Mod Ash

Mod Ash

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Poison Vein said:
I'm pretty sure they just basically capped it at 48-48. With the amulet for ranging coming without this cap it would have had the potential to 1 hit k.o. a player I believe.

Further to what Kieren said, here's how you still benefit from the damage bonuses...

Imagine your max hit were 50, through whatever boosts you have. The damage roll would be 0-50 inclusive, so you'd have a 1/51 chance to hit 50, a 1/51 chance to hit 49, and a 1/51 chance to hit 48.

Now, the 49 and 50 hits would be forced down to 48, so you'd effectively have a 3/51 chance of hitting 48.

Ab-Soul said:
Great 'miniquest.' Talk to one NPC and then manually get favour in every other house . . .
Was there nothing more clever you could have implemented? Playing hide and seek in Hosidius is not what I had in mind for my time on the game today.

It was kinda inevitable that you'd have to get the favour manually - we weren't going to simply grant you 100% favour in the other houses. You're not obliged to do it all today if you'd rather not.

03-Mar-2016 12:27:22 - Last edited on 03-Mar-2016 12:27:55 by Mod Ash

Mod Ash

Mod Ash

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Darth Zar said:
Any chance you can point in me the right direction? been looking for hosidius architect for about 40 minutes, getting pretty annoyed :/

Isn't he standing next to the statue in the middle?

SlayMeZaddy said:
im not sure if you will read this but..i would think it would be very nice if they could update it to where you can have all 3 and multiple god capes at once....

Letting you have placeholders, yes. It'd have no drawbacks we couldn't address.
Letting you have all three at once, eh... maybe. See how other players feel.

epiclegacy77 said:
any response to my permanent tournament world idea?

N.B. If you post huge walls of text with no sentences or paragraphs, it makes your ideas harder to read.

We've been considering other things we could do with the tournament worlds, things that aren't PvP-related. Such as using them as sandboxes where players could request an account build that's ready to do a specific quest, and then they could do time-trials of that quest. If we put the worlds online like that, I imagine you could also use them for safe PvP training, though we really do prefer players to play using their real stats that they earned.

W39 said:
Nice update, especially the favour :)
Ash (or another j mod), why doesn't world 39 exist?

The numbering denotes where they're hosted. Where there are fewer worlds in a hosting site, the number is left empty for future expansion.

03-Mar-2016 13:03:50

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