Bugfixes & Combining Tentacles

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Ellinger IV

Ellinger IV

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Also, the smoke dungeon now has a really bright glare at the bottom of my screen (about 1/4 of my screen). It's weird, can even see a faint line that runs across the top of it if looked closely.

My guess is something must'** broke when you changed the smoke effect, and the further north I go in the dungeon the brighter it gets.

01-Apr-2016 07:02:39 - Last edited on 01-Apr-2016 07:03:15 by Ellinger IV

Stalin5 5
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Stalin5 5

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hello, can i ask about crystal bow/shield? if in future we can wait same principle? for example degraded shield(5) + another (5) to make new one? because there are too charges. thx

01-Apr-2016 20:32:53



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•Players can now attack one another when both stood on the tile outside of the Wilderness resource area.

•A typo with Surgeon General Tafani has been corrected.

•A typo spelling Piscarilius as Piscarlius has been corrected.

•A typo has been corrected in the Overseer's book.

•Full stops that should have been question marks in Architectural Alliance are now question marks.

•Fixed an issue where display names appeared to change.

Thanks for the Bugfixes. :)

I am working on the favour on each house in great kourend and i am very glad when it is completed. :)

02-Apr-2016 08:44:26

Evil Ben88

Evil Ben88

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There's a spelling mistake in the quest Misthalin Mystery. When Mandy kills Abigale the character says "Mandy, how are you still alive? I watched you get stabbed throught the heart!" Throught is meant to be through unless it is meant to be throught.

18-Jun-2017 01:21:18

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