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Auqury said:
Are capes ever going to be fixed when holding the Ballista? Currently they defy the laws of physics and glitch into your legs (looks even worse when wearing robe bottoms)
When holding the ballista shouldn't capes sway in the wind like how they do when holding the god swords?

When you run with a Ballista it sways in the wind!

03-Jun-2016 11:21:24

Apr Member 2019


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First of all, I would like to say thanks for the update Jagex. I have a few concerns and dislikes about this update but I am appreciative of the work put into this and would like to start off with giving acknowledgements before feedback.

1) The redwood logs give way too much xp in firemaking. 350xp is too much. By level 90 when you are able to burn it, You would only need to burn ~22k logs to level 99. 20k logs give 7 million experience which is possible to achieve in less than 20 hours if someone pulled an all nighter.

Before people had a choice between effort and money. As for me I burned maples to 99 (~ 95k). Alternatively, if not doing cheap method, The next best thing is magic logs at 303.8 xp but these come at a high monetary cost sustained by fletching and high alch value. Redwood logs only are used in firemaking and have no price floor like yews or magic logs which will stay relatively stable because of alch value. Although it is currently high now, I am expecting a major decrease in ge price over the next few weeks.

The current xp rate is problematic; it is already significantly higher than the previous fastest way and throws people who invested time or money into the skill under the bus. Please reduce the rates accordingly.

2) Redwood trees
The redwood trees are reminscent of RS3 ivys. The extremely slow rate at which one gains logs combined with nearby bank, along with moderate xp makes this an easy afkable skill. The redwood trees are great but the concept of training may need to be altered to stray away from just clicking once and sitting there for 10-15 minutes gathering logs at good xp.
Same concept from point 1 applies here too, as I've met people including myself who were less than pleased at the watering down of the skill with decent rates.

3) Other
60 wc may be too low of a req considering the massive benefits in the guild with bank immediately next to trees, invisible boost, and many people having 60+.

03-Jun-2016 13:01:56

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I completely agree with Stur. There's still some things in the woodcutting guild that needs to be ironed out and the low level requirement of 60 woodcutting doesn't help. Maybe make it 68 like the fishing guild? Both skills are relatively AFK so this could make sense. To reiterate Stur's point, Redwoods have to be used in something else other than firemaking or else you'll have millions of logs with the only supply being people with level 90+ firemaking causing their price to fall dramatically even within the first week.

03-Jun-2016 16:27:07



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Hi All,

Please don't shoot me down in flames of glory... but hear me out.

All you fello Woodcutting Guild members... In order to gain access to the WC Guild, you have to earn 75% Hosidius Favour... What skill does this?
Is it farming...?

Is there any way to earn 75% Hosidius Favour without using any PURE P2P skill...? I wonna make it seem my account is a PURE F2P account, even though every now and then I go membs for 12x days here and there....

So can I gain access to WC Guilding, by earning this Favour without using things like Farming, Agility and so on... just by using the skills available to F2P but in a members world...

Do I have to of completed any other skills/quests to get over to that island also?? As I've never been there before....

Cheers guys.... :)

09-Jun-2016 15:13:52

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LOVE THE Wood cutting guild!!! great update!! if only back in 06 there was one lol. Great Job guys!! good update! keep them comming! I am here to help in any way possible!! PM or CC <33 Community Love<33

01-Jul-2016 21:38:20

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