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Mod Ash said:
Desi said:
You didn't answer my question :|. Now I just sit in silence.

I see your silence doesn't stop you typing on forums :)
Sorry, I get a lot of questions and can't promise everyone an individual reply. The answer to yours is that the emote they're doing was nabbed from the Shadow of the Storm quest, where you hold up the sigil item. You may find you can still do it with that sigil.

Du303 said:
So basically nothing interesting...

I'm afraid it's not going to be a brand new boss or an ultimate weapon of awesomeness every week. Sometimes we take a moment to deal with little niggling things and blitz through a bunch of bugs, even if it's not so good for the internet hype.

Haha thanks Mod Ash! AKA MOD FIRM HANDSHAKE, I appreciate your reply and will look into trying to recreate this emote for the general public. - Rcer

23-Jun-2016 12:54:12

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