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Ashandarei0 said:
Ring of suffering with unlimited recoil effect seems to be not passing at the moment. Raised concerns about unlimited recoil effect seem to be its effect on sapphire market and it being OP at certain bosses like Kree'arra.

Will you consider repolling it as having chargeable recoil effect, using sapphires to charge it with up to e.g. 400 charges (10 sapphires)? This way sapphire market wouldn't be affected and the ring wouldn't be as OP while bossing.
while i agree that having unlimited recoil is op as hell. it wouldnt really effect the saphire market the main use of recoils is pking and no1 is going to risk a 20m ring to pk with for unlimited recoil. now it does take away the need for recoil from zulrah players, but only the ones with 20m to blow. i do like the charge idea though.

23-Jun-2016 11:59:01

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Will the roof hovering above the walls on the entrance to the Tithe mini-game entrance ever be fixed? Reported this when Zeah came out and some time after.

Will the transparency issue on Guthan's Chainskirt on male characters ever be fixed? Reported this many times over the last year by now. No, it's not an "intended" feature, it happened in a random update over a year ago, no explenation given, it only happened to male characters, it's the only chain item with this issue, and you can even see the male models legs is glitched and incomplete under it... Please? I'll happily tweet a picture of how it looked pre-bug if needed.

23-Jun-2016 12:02:19 - Last edited on 23-Jun-2016 12:05:13 by Benvil

Mod Ash

Mod Ash

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Auqury said:
It doesn't just clip it goes right through the player's legs, can't it be made similar to how the cape animation is for god swords?

I think we found it extended too far out of the player's tile and clipped with everything else if we tried holding it like that.

Benvil said:
Will... ever be fixed?

While we obviously like to fix bugs, the testers get a lot of reports, and sometimes the minor cosmetic issues will end up having to take a back-seat to other bugs that have more harmful effects. Sorry.

23-Jun-2016 12:07:22

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Hey Mod Ronan, do you think for a mid summer event award we can unlock that emote that the druids are doing around the altar of guthix? It looks so cool. Thanks - Rcer

23-Jun-2016 12:08:34

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