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sorry this is nothing to do with deadman season but this is important.. you said in runfest how the maul and wand will change people playing, pking yet it has not passed the poll it is at 73% and 72% so by right this context should not be coming in the game unless re polled. it requires 75% to pass which it did not so why you putting it in game or saying u will it did not pass?

the amors wont pass either when you repoll them. few people dont want raids full stop!!!!

21-Sep-2016 00:03:39



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I already posted in this thread once, but got some new couple things I wish to share.

So i read some of the comments on this thread and saw that those opposing the no trade idea are mostly basically newly registered accounts made for the sole purpose to give their 'feedback' over this issue. - just wanted to put this out there.

So, now to the suggestions and feedback.


1) I believe that DMM is moving steadily in the right direction

2) The no Trade and only GE is probably one of the best things for DMM in the long-term as it helps casual players (most of the players aren't full time gamers) as well as hindering clan bullying and no muling (although this can still be achieved with just some thinking)

3) The dropping items that won't appear to anyone else - it is obviously a needed measure as it would be drop trading all the way, however if people can still drop items while being in combat - it's not gonna work the way it should and sore losers will just drop them so no one gets them.

4) Zulrah Disabled - Again this is a very positive step to take

5) Permanent DMM - Not adding the ge is good and bad at the same time. Right now around 50 people are online at one go at best, meaning trading is very hard and it simply became ironman dmm - however i wish to say that if it works in the seasonal dmms, i hope they would do some sort of 'rejuvenating' update or incentive for people to play the permanent DMM again and then add the GE to it again.

6) I agree with not transferring some of the stats to the next season, simply because after like 3 seasons of someone gaining extreme levels, he will start the fourth one very far ahead than someone who didn't play the other 3

22-Sep-2016 16:32:42



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1) Make more Bosses disabled - In my opinion i would disable all of the ''new?'' bosses that were added solely for OSRS and weren't in the original RS in 2007 - the reason for this is due to overpowered weapons - which create a huge discrepancy between a lvl 110 and 40 (apart from the levels, ofcourse) - meaning there is no chance of escape

2) However, with this being said, I would suggest that each season there will be just one "overpowered" weapon up for grabs from one specific boss. For example one season there will be a godsword, one will be dragon claws, one will be blowpipe etc etc (would be determined by a poll)

3) Each season could have different things like different exp rates (5x, 7x, 10x) / different total items you take upon opening a key (10, 28, 15) / making a level cap (for example maximum of lvl 80 instead of 99 to create a lesser discrepancy between full time gamers and casual players)

4) I also suggest in having an f2p only DMM - you can make it members only, but with f2p gear - or maybe adding some minor things just to make it a bit more enjoyable (like mystic armour and some npcs found in the wild etc) - I think this would help casual players not qutting after a week as things won't be as expensive and it would be easier to survive as the best hits would be like a 30 or so. This probably will help pvp a lot more as the map is a lot smaller, meaning you'll find more people everywhere, rather than everyone spending time on skilling and hiding.

5) For Permanent DMM - I would add F2P DMM Worlds (with some adding some minor things - like green dragons to make dhide, mystic armour for mage and couple more) - which are permanent characters - this will in turn encourage more people to play dmm seasonals ( you know i am right, because if i am not, than why did you bring f2p worlds in osrs after months of asking?)

22-Sep-2016 16:32:51

Wild Austin
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Wild Austin

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Skilling is already discouraged in SDM when it gets reset every season. However for me and others like, we enjoy skilling in the dangerous environment, it adds quite a bit of excitement knowing you could die at any moment. Always fun to be the number 1 farmer in each season. BUT I always ended up transferring cash to 07. The only lasting benefits to play a season of dmm (besides for fun) is to get 10k $ or to get some 07 gps by transferring. EVERYONE could gain 07 money by transferring so lots of ppl were open to play for a little while (3 week or so, I do like 1 month seasons). But now the only reason to play besides for fun is to win the tournament, which only happens for 1 person (maybe 250 or so ppl actually competing for it).

I love all the comparisons to 2007, yah it was depressing I no longer could pk on my wilderness only "ironman" acc. and an awful update. (add looting bag to f2p!) HOWEVER thw implementation of this to SDM is missing something!! LOLOLOL you still can MULE!
The laughable thing is no trading is to STOP MULES, but anyone who played last season knows there is never items in the ge to begin with! So if there is no one selling a magic seed or buying magic seed (I use this example because I bought 99 farming off of 1gp each palm and magic seeds :) ) you buy a magic seed on main for 1gp and sell it to mule for 1m, etc, etc... Or vice versa. And JAGEX evens points out that they will not restrict GE trades, so feel free to trade with your mule.

So in reality this is only killing legit gp swapping, b/c no one will trust a low volume ge swap (ppl barely trusted swapping ranks to begin with). AND this is stupid to kill off swapping. Because no swapping means no purpose (besides fun) for 99.9% of sdm players. b/c lets be real: you reading this wont win the $10k. But u would like to get something out of SDM, 07 gps.. Literally the only reason ppl play sdm.....

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Wild Austin
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Wild Austin

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And now the sole reason to play sdm is to compete for $10k(no legit gp swapping). People always complain about not having time to be competitive. The competitive is the few (maybe 10% of people creating memberships to play sdm). And this game is all about the numbers of people paying for memberships, so why not try to make it possible for a larger amount of people to compete for the prize?

My idea make a certain amount of hours per day that one may gain exp (4-6 hrs per day) EVERYONE, even those who work or go to school or both can find 4 hours to play if they are dedicated or trying hard enough to make time. you can even make a way to bank 1 hour per day for the upcoming weekend so if you bank MONDAY-THURSDAY you can have an additional 4 hours of EXP time for the weekend. But if there was an cap for the amount of time you could play this would be exciting for others, because us normal people could have the same amount of time to gain exp as boaty and other 12hrs per day no lifers! Not to mention this would add an amount of talent to the game. You can make an assumption that the top 10 people on highscores have played the most amount of hours in game. However this would make it fun because the average Joe CAN be competitive. There is no longer a direct correlation between the top players-and time played. I'm a fan of talent games, that's why I preferred Halo 3 over CoD because it was a talent game. Halo rankings were based off of skill and not the amount of time played/gear. AND halo took talent b/c you could actually out BR another player, EVEN if you didn't see them first! Cod kills are literally who sees who first (LMAO LETS ENCOURAGE CAMPING MORE). Sorry off topic, this post isn't meant to argue other video games. I only brought this up because I like playing games that take talent, not time.

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Wild Austin
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Wild Austin

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4-6 hr exp cap continued:

Now Yes you do want to appeal to your dedicated players and streamers. So after they reach their exp cap for the day, they still can play but no exp gains. This time would be used for PKing which literally is what sdm is suppose to be! They still can be competitive and productively use their time to kill others to prevent them from leveling. AND if a person at the 4-6 hour cap dies, their timer resets and they are allowed to gain back the exp lost from death (not allowed to exceed the exp had on death). No one is going to be butt hurt by having a 4 hour exp cap (honestly people may prefer is because do people really like having to no life?). No lifers still can use time after SDM exp cap to play 07 or play other accounts or to PK!

Other things to implement:
some way to toggle exp on, exp off. Its hard enough to plan to be 100% productive in time played. So making a exp on and exp off switch allows people to take breaks to ge or travel to other exp zones. I would suggest however that once exp toggle is switched it must stay on that setting for 15-30 minutes to prevent exp flicking (pray flicking is stupid, but sadly now a must thing in RS).

I love how this brings in the element of talent and efficiency, honestly after exp 4 hours are used up you definitely can use it for reflection and planning for the next day.

Everyone can be competitive.
Everyone can be on the highscores.
Exp now equals talent, not time

Comments, Suggestions, ideas, tweaks???
plz comment on any of my last 3 posts

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Original message details are unavailable.
One of the most common requests we've seen is for the Grand Exchange to be added to permanent Deadman Mode. Unfortunately, this is not possible due to the large development cost.

Control Copy + Pasta is expensive these days...

So obviously we can't know the real reason.

02-Nov-2016 00:52:01

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