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Mod Ash

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We're rebooting the worlds momentarily to release some patches for today's update.

  • The player-owned house fairy ring and spirit ring didn't have the new 'last location' option.

  • Minor fairy ring stations were not calling teleport side-effects correctly.

  • The bank bottom buttons would occasionally fail to appear at all, regardless of your setting for the 'deposit worn items' button toggle.
    If problems persist, players report that re-logging helps while we work on another patch for it.

  • The calquat tree farmer is getting an option for paying him to clear a fully-grown calquat tree, like fruit tree farmers got.

  • The "client timer" debug message is being removed from the Wintertodt.

  • You should be able to log back in fairly quickly after the reboot since there's not much to download here. Apologies for the inconvenience :(

    The OSRS Team

    22-Sep-2016 14:18:03 - Last edited on 22-Sep-2016 14:37:16 by Mod Ash

    Mod Ash

    Mod Ash

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    Zam said:
    Looking good with fixes coming out this quick rather than having to wait a whole week :)

    As a rule we prefer not to kick everyone offline twice in a day, especially as more players are online in the afternoons, and not everyone's interested in the thing that's being patched. Anyway, I hope these changes help.

    22-Sep-2016 14:25:16

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