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Mod Ash

Mod Ash

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Etrengereid said:
I liked fairy like they were prior to this "fix". can we get the teleport to last option back?...

Other players really didn't like the effect on their training routes. Cosmic rune-running, for example.
The 'last-destination' option should still be there.

29-Sep-2016 11:33:43

Mod Ash

Mod Ash

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Benvil said:
Didn't realise the scrolls are a consumable reward from the Tithe shop. With yet another consumable point spender, could polling the water can being infinite (like fairy tale pt.3) be considered at this point?

The grape seeds were not really consuming sufficient quantities of points to count as a decent consumable point spender, but these scrolls use considerably more. So if this new feature works out okay, we can afford to make the watering can infinite.

Shylabuff said:
could the "other players" not use the last location method for runecrafting cosmic runes? ... youre gonna have a lot of "other players" saying the same thing

They didn't seem to think so last week. While you're doubtless correct that a lot of people will not appreciate this change, a lot of people didn't appreciate last week's either. (In fact this week's change was itself a proposal from that lot of other people.)

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