Farewell Ian Gower

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Farewell Ian Gower

It’s like the end of an era here at Jagex. After spending half his life working on the game we all know and love, today we say farewell to Ian Gower.

From creating Hunter to developing Deadman Mode, Ian has been deeply involved in many iconic and impactful pieces of content. His work has been scattered throughout RuneScape since the day it was conceived, and we'd like to thank him for his vast contributions over his time here at Jagex.

Ian's latest contribution to RuneScape was as an engine developer for us here on the Old School team. We’re currently hiring for multiple engine developers to fill Ian’s shoes and offer us greater flexibility in how we deal with engine requests, in the meantime resources from the existing technology teams have been allocated to Old School RuneScape so there should be no impact moving forward.

Ian has been a really important part of RuneScape from its inception and will always have a special place in the community’s heart as well as our own so, please keep up with what Ian is up to by following him on Twitter!

We hope that you will join us in giving Ian the farewell that he has earnt over his many years working on RuneScape!


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Nope. I can't do it!

I've never been good at being concise. Extraneous waffle follows in 3... 2... 1...

I first began work on Runescape's precursor Devious Mud way back in 1998.
- That's 18 years ago!
- That's over half of my life!
- (I feel old now.)

You know how it goes. Draw some sprites*, create some 3D models, maybe even design a logo or two, and what happens?

Where did all of those players come from?!

But with great success comes great responsibility (or something similarly hackneyed), and now Jagex is a company with hundreds of staff supporting the most amazing community.

It’s been a great pleasure to work with so many awesome and talented people, and also to talk to so many players; on the forums, through social media, and at RuneFest. (Seriously. Runescape has its own convention! I didn't see that one coming 18 years ago!)

I love working here, and I love this game. This has been an unbelievably hard decision to make. As it is, I'll be going over to work at Fen Research on a new engine and on new projects with my brother Andrew. (Hey, it worked out pretty well last time. Maybe in a few years' time there'll be two yearly conventions to attend.) :D

This game means so much to me. I’ll be moving on but, whether at RuneFest, through social media, or on the next story time livestream, you haven't seen the last of me yet :)

My suggestions for 2017? More plush toys** and more cabbages***.

Thanks for everything :)

* The sheep is one of the few survivors from Devious Mud, and it can still be seen frolicking on the Runescape Classic servers.
**Everyone loves baroo, but what else does every love? Chinchompas! With an army of chinchompas we could take over the world! (Ahem. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.)
*** Gotta keep up that stereotype. Over 5 million cabbages were picked during Old School's cabbage picking April fools event. I had great fun writing that content, but we need more, MORE!

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This sucks so much :( Good luck with life, Ian!! It was a pleasure having you work on RS :)
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Sad to see you go, I wish you the best of luck in the future! You will never get anything for free. Anyone claiming that is trying to scam, lure or hijack you.
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25-Oct-2016 17:49:58

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Farewell and all the best, you've truly been a monumental part of this games evolution!
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