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Mod Ash

Mod Ash

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Toan Nguyen said:
Mods can you fix in game text:
" The Great "
lm" "
At the end boss fights I see a lot of "olm"

We have done this.

p0w3r zerk said:
one question i want answered, why are rigour and augury so rare? these were supposed to be common drops.

Supposed to be? They'll certainly become more common as players get faster and faster at raiding, and better at maximising their point scores. Raids had been getting pretty fast already, and the new storage thing will probably make them even faster.

12-Jan-2017 12:09:19

Mod Ash

Mod Ash

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Broden said:
For the storage crates would it be more useful for ironmen to have a separate/personal crate as theoretically no ironman would use this content due to it being a major inconvenience to them.

It'd be rather useful for everyone to have a personal storage, since you sometimes want to drop your own items to free up inventory space. We're quite keen on adding that to the storage chests as a future expansion, but didn't try to hold up this week's update to do it simultaneously.

(UIM restrictions would presumably apply.)

Broden said:
Wouldn't Smite automatically shutting off prayers promoted d spear tactics in the wildy and people bringing less valuable items/less risk/low value protected items due to smite being more effective.

Possibly. We shall see.

12-Jan-2017 12:11:01

Mod Ash

Mod Ash

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Skilor said:
... could the potions in raids be made more visible and have a larger click box on the ground?

I expect the artists could add some invisible polygons to the model to enlarge its click-box on the ground. Though hopefully people will have to drop them less often now there's that storage feature out.

Ppl said:
When making storage units, can we please be able to use our dragon warhammers as normal hammers?

While we could program that as a special exception for Raids, it would implicitly mean we might be expected to make it work for all hammer-related content across the entire game. That's a bigger dev job than we're likely to be able to offer imminently, since there's a LOT of hammer code out there, and back in 2004 it wasn't designed to expect new hammers.

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