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Looks Promising, could we maybe see previous things being re-polled such as
2200 worlds
and allowing people with a certain total level and above to vote on it?

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I'd like to think as time goes on, the OSRS team will one day have the initiative to release updates without a polling system. The polling system has been okay - but it's kind of broken and useless.

It'd be better to release future updates and proposals via a DevBlog or 'The Month Ahead', and from there, closely collect feedback on social medias such as Reddit, Twitter, and of course, the RuneScape Forums. I find this approach to be more effective anyway.

I feel confident in saying you guys are learning what's acceptable and what isn't for our game.

Any potential updates that manage to make it onto Devblogs and 'The Month Ahead' articles (if done so independently without a poll) should go down a line of people in the team for approval first. Just make sure it's calculated content and ideas.

Right now, polls are more of a guideline and aren't an accurate representation by any means. I often question why we even have them. Seeing things like the 2,200 skill total worlds fail a poll was kind of bizarre and should just be something we get anyway.

Elder and Twisted armours failing by small percentages over and over again, and the amount of alterations you guys did to try and get them to pass over the course of 'x' is another good example of a flawed system. I personally think those armours are something we should have had offered and implemented anyway - no doubt we will revisit them again.

I don't think lowering the passing threshold to 70% will change anything, but whatever it is you choose to do, Goodluck.

In the meantime, perhaps only putting major updates on polls might be the way to go. Small and medium sized implementations perhaps shouldn't see a poll. (Like skill total worlds, etc)
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In terms of limiting the polls to the relevant players for a certain update, it isn't the best idea, because say if you change Ironmen to only require 75% of the damage done to a boss instead of the 100% (not going to happen, just an example), it still indirectly affects normal accounts which have to get 26% damage.
This is even more so the case with pures as updates to them will apply to any account therefore making it unfair to not be allowed to vote on something that you will be able to access if passed.

A solution? There is no easy way of going about this but one idea I've had is for updates that are more relevant to Ironman/Pures/other should get an extra vote, so if you want to change what rewards ironmen can access from nightmare zone, then ironmen accounts get 2 votes (for the same option, i.e. 2 votes on yes). This would give the ironmen accounts a bigger voice, but it wouldn't negate normal accounts because, obviously, there are a lot more normal accounts that vote then there are of the minority (in this example, ironmen).

Just one idea. Lowering it to 70% is a good idea as well.

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Would something like skipping monkey madness experience be considered a pure only question? Because it would allow them to get stronger gloves which would impact anyone they fight in the wilderness.

I think the 75% requirement is good, wouldn't want to see it lowered.
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