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At what point can we re-poll to reintroduce these 'rare' items as actual rares again? They are no longer sought after, and are now basically junk items. I used to love showing up to the holiday events and seeing the lucky players who had one of these sought after items. Not to mention they looked great with skill capes. Now nobody wears them. The game lost a lot of value to the veteran players when these items became a commonality.
I am also speaking on behalf of the community. Every time the holidays roll around it's the same conversation with countless players. Why are tens of thousands of these items put into the game? Think about the market, eventually these 'big money' items will now become affordable to more and more people as more gold is brought into the game and more items. Prices are going to drop. At least with rare items, they will never be reintroduced and the market value will only increase. In a sense, these items balance the economy. Even if it's not partyhats, introduce something as a rare, one-time thing just so people will pay an enormous amount of money for something cosmetic. I will vouch for this for as long as I continue to play, and will continue to gain support from the community. This is your calling, Jagex. This idea needs reconsideration. Make Runescape great again and truly a nostalgic experience.

25-Jan-2016 17:12:41

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