Silver Jewellery & QoL!

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The Silver Jewellery, Tournament World & QoL update can be viewed here.

This thread is for the purposes of discussion.
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Very excited to see what Dodgy Necklace(10)'s do to pickpocketing rates on Watchmen, Paladins and Heroes!

Few others I'd like to test out that could have uses.

Thanks. :-)
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The fire max cape looks 110% better, Great work with that. Makes me a lot more motivated to continue the grind for the max cape.

Good addition to us players with 99 hunter within raids, makes life a lot easier. Also the Vanguards that have the health bars visible i'm so happy to see this happen.

My question regarding Premier Club Members. In the Premium club members forum could we please have an Old School chat thread added?


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Unohdettu2 said:
If you boost a stat, and hadn't already boosted any stats, your stat-boost is now more likely to last for longer before restoring down.

how exactly does this work?

The timer that restores your stat, essentially doesn't start counting up, until one of your stats is boosted. So you'll be guaranteed 48 seconds of your boost, if it is the first boost you do.
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