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Serenity Now
Feb Member 2014

Serenity Now

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dks instances-no thanks, add a penalty to dieing if you want less clutter at bosses

elysian 'buff'-just hot fix the shield to how it was intended

divine-hahaha no reason for this, has almost no use in current osrs

06-Feb-2017 21:50:58



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Agree with this dude! - ^

In many circumstances Ely was better than Divine back then. And in the other circumstances Divine was just OP damage reduction that woox and the likes done crazy stuff with. It wasn't even a necessary addition back then(especially after absorption came out lol). I've owned both several times and tbh divine is just unnecessary.

Wasn't Bulwark suppose to be good too?

I'm for adding more penalty to dying, aswell as add a second non-instanced slayer only DK's with completion of Fremennik Elite to use(this is one of the easier elite diaries anyway)

07-Feb-2017 05:04:45



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What about pures decide whether they get access to ape atoll?
divine is constantly polled but not ape atoll...
let pures decide if they want ape atoll

07-Feb-2017 14:13:07



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Daganoth lair idea:
Req: compleation of easy medium and hard achievement diarys for fremnnik

Create own room. With the cost of 50% drop rate from all three.
Can only use during a slayer task.

Right click on ladder to select "or insted add an option when you click the ladder)

08-Feb-2017 04:42:04

Aug Member 2017


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SoonAHusband said:
As the majority of people on this thread have already stated, the Elysian SS should not require this 'buff' to be polled. The Elysian SS should have a chance of reducing damage regardless of who's causing it, so in that respect, it should be fixed to accommodate this.
In other terms of a 'buff', I don't think one is necessary.

In regard to the Divine SS, it is simply too powerful for OSRS. Yes, new weapons such as the Dragon claws have recently been introduced to the game, but that does not automatically qualify us for a Divine update. The Elysian perfectly serves as the top tier shield which is strong but balanced, and the new two-handed Bulwark shield offers the increased permanent damage reduction that rivals the Divine with the handicap of being two-handed, which makes it balanced for OSRS.

In my belief, I can see a Divine SS being a stepping stone update to RS3 turmoils, torva, and dragyore, which isn't OSRS and is not what the community wants or needs.

Divine wouldn't be OP due to the Prayer drain. Back in the day it was "op" due to Summoning. You could carry tons of food and prayer pots, but on OSRS you can't.

Also, what is has to do with it being a 'stepping stone'? Divine was released back in the day, in 2008, it's oldschool just like Elysian and other stuff such as Corp and GWD, has nothing to do with Nex Gear, Drygores and such. You're just making drama...

Personally, I wouldn't mind it but tbh it would be sooooorta useless: if you're going to bring 10 prayer pots just for the shield, why not bring an Elysian and more food? Divine was a match for Summoning.
Reading this message is a XP waste.

14-Feb-2017 22:22:09

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