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Ernie Loco said:
The problem with the fight caves is it takes way too long (for anyone not maxed/best gear), and then you get next to no reward if you don't succeed. Some of us players don't have several straight hours to grind a minigame and then mess us at the last second and end up with no (or minimal) reward.

I plan to vote 'no' to The Inferno.

Right, firstly the fight caves do not take too long in the slightest, my fastest time is 48 minutes which is pretty shit and I have 90 ranged, I did this without void/arma or any of that, simply veracs plateskirt and a saradomin d'hide body. It is a very simple thing to do and most people can do it, it does not take several hours.

Secondly it's good that you don't get a reward, if you fail, you don't get a reward simple as that, it's not deserved in the slightest, if you die, you die. It's a simple concept.

If that's your reason for voting no to the inferno, you sir don't have a good reason at all, and more logically your reason is that you can't do the fight caves so anyone that can shouldn't be able to do something to get a reward. The fight caves are too easy for most of us nowadays, we need a new challenge.

15-Mar-2017 19:34:57

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