Dev Blog: The Inferno

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So very excited for JadV2. Been anticipating this update since it was originally announed in 2015. Would really like to see a Mage and Range cape-slot variant aswell. Using a backpack that Requires 27 woodcutting and a mithril axe that can be completed on a freshly made account within hours at 30M Ranging XP just isnt saturating. Nice suprise on the new skilling content aswell. Could you maybe match the xp/h rates for the infernal eels to those of the Dark crabs after completing the wilderness elite diary? IK it'll be better than previous methodes, and that people with 99 fishing will be upset they wasted more time wasting than they couldve wasted spending the spare time wasting time, but the majority of the game will be very gratefull if fishing could become 'decent' xp-rates without putting in alot of effod.

Great job - keep it up!
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15-Mar-2017 18:39:07

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